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Tips For Organising a Safe & Cost-Effective Road Trip In Australia

Australia is one of the largest and most attractive countries in the world. Home to tons of beautiful spots, it's a country that attracts millions of tourists each year. From astonishing beaches to beautiful mountains, Australia has everything that you can imagine. It's a country where you can enjoy outdoors all year round. You can carry out road trips to travel from one end of the country to another if you love exploring landscapes and connecting with nature.

Road tripping offers an extraordinary experience to people that they can remember all their life, so you should also go for it if you haven't experienced it yet.

Long road trips bring a lot of change in the lives of the travellers. Road trips not only make people way more responsible but they also teach them how to adjust to situations and live with minimalism. Although it's correct that you enjoy a lot of freedom, you also face difficulties at times which make you stronger and confident if you handle them effectively.

So, if you are planning to explore Australia, here is how to organize a safe and inexpensive road trip.

Tips for Making Your Trip Cost-Effective

1. Opt For Free Campsites

Whether you are thinking about discovering the wilderness of Queensland or you want to explore pristine beaches, and shopping destinations in the Gold Coast, always try to opt for free-campsites. No matter where you go in Australia, you will find options where you can stay for free You can have a wonderful time with your family without spending too much money on your stay.

You should take the help of the internet to find out free campsites near your destinations. All you have to do is plan everything well-in-advance so that you don't have to struggle at the last minute.

So make a list of all the destinations that you would like to explore in your next road trip, and start searching for free campsites near them. Chances are you will get a lot of options, but in case you are unable to find a free-campsite near a destination where you are planning to take an overnight halt, you can then look for the most inexpensive option in that particular area.

And to find an inexpensive option, you will have to compare the prices and the facilities offered by a couple of campsites.

If a campsite is offering too many facilities, you shouldn't mind paying a decent amount of money for it. But in case they are not providing enough services and are still charging a lot of money, then it's better to look for some other option.

In short, you should opt for a free campsite, and if you are not getting any free-options, look for an affordable one.

2. Go For Free Attractions

You should also focus on choosing your attractions carefully. You will find a lot of free-entry options so you should go for them. For example, if you are planning to explore Sydney, you can opt for the Queen Victoria Building, the Royal Botanical Gardens, St Mary's Cathedral, Manly Beach, and Circular Quay because all of them have free-entries.

Similarly, if you are thinking about discovering Cairns, you can visit the Cairns Regional Gallery for free. You can also visit a free swimming hole in Stoney Creek and Crystal Cascades. Apart from that, you can also explore The Rocks, Josephine Falls, and Lake Eacham without spending any money.

If your next holiday destination is Melbourne, you can explore places like State Library of Victoria, the Royal Botanic Gardens, National Gallery of Victoria, The Wheeler Centre, RAAF Museum, and the Koorie Heritage Trust for free.

So no matter which Australian state you want to explore, you will find free attractions everywhere. All you have to do is spend some time researching about them. You can save a significant amount of money only by opting for free attractions, and you can use that amount for some other purpose.

3. Pack Efficiently

You should spend a significant amount of time thinking about what to pack and what not because it can help you save a great deal of money. Whether you talk about shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, your phones and their chargers, comfortable clothes, hiking shoes, swimsuits, or longlasting snacks, you should pack everything carefully.

If you think that even if you fail to pack something, you will get it on the way, you will end up losing your money like anything. So, you have to change that attitude itself.

You should create a checklist in advance, and keep on adding items on it whenever you remember something. And if you have added something on it which you don't have in your home, make sure that you buy that from an affordable store.

Ideally, once you finish creating your packing checklist, you should go shopping, and buy all the crucial things that are on your list.

4. Rent an Affordable Vehicle

Whether you are planning a motorhome or campervan holiday, make sure that you rent an affordable vehicle. And for opting for an inexpensive one, you have to compare the prices offered by 3-4 motorhome/campervan rental providers.

In today's time, when every business is looking forward to making more and more money, finding a reliable motorhome/ campervan rental provider is quite a challenging job.

So, take the assistance of the internet, check out the best motorhome/campervan rental providers in your city, and then compare their prices before finalizing a deal. 

5. Be Prepared For Cooking

Both motorhomes and campervans come with kitchen facilities such as pots and pans, mini-fridge, microwave, and gas stove, etc., so you can cook fresh food. Knowing how to cook healthy and delicious meals will not only help in keeping you and your family healthy but will also cut your food cost to a great extent. 

Opting for restaurant food every day will not only increase your travel cost but will also affect health. So, make sure that you list down easy to prepare recipes for your upcoming trip if you want to save money.

If you are not a good cook, you can learn cooking from your loved ones, friends, and YouTube. You will find several quick recipes on YouTube, all you have to do is try them once at home, before your trip. 

6. Free Parking

When travelling in cities and towns, make sure that you opt for free parking to save money. Parking can be expensive and can increase your travel cost like anything so you must choose a parking option carefully. 

Before you start your journey, you can check out for free parking options so that you do not have to struggle at the last minute.

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Tips for Making Your Trip Safe

1. Check The Vehicle Before Hiring It

One of the most significant safety measures that you must consider is to hire a well-maintained vehicle. The vehicle that you hire should have an up-to-date service history. Regular servicing not only help in enhancing the safety of the people using it but also makes it more fuel efficient. 

If you have basic knowledge about vehicle maintenance, you can also run a quick safety check. You can examine the condition of the tires, brakes, lights, seatbelts, lights, and windscreen wipers before you rent a vehicle. 

2. Take Breaks Frequently

Your safety and the safety of your family should always remain your priority, so you must take breaks in every two and a half to three hours. Constant driving can make you tired, which can eventually affect your driving, thereby increasing the risk of accidents. 

So as soon as you start getting tired, you should pull over your vehicle in a safe place and should come out of it to refresh your mind. During the break, carry out things that relieve your stress and make you happy. For example, you can perform a quick stretching exercise, take a walk with your loved ones, enjoy a cup of coffee, or have some refreshing snacks that can enhance your energy level.

3. Avoid Driving In The Night

Late night driving is too risky because you tend to fall asleep, which increase the risk of accidents like anything. You can start early in the morning, and drive all day with frequent short breaks. You should stop driving by 9 pm in the night because after that it's not safe to hit the roads. 

You should enjoy a good night's sleep so that you can wake up feeling fresh and energetic in the morning. 

4. Don't Drink While Driving

Mixing drink and driving can have fatal consequences, so it's better to avoid drinking while you are hitting the road. It's not only dangerous, but it's illegal too. It means if you are caught drunk, you will have to pay a big fine for it. 

5. Stay Away From Wild Animals

Even if you are on an adventure trip, it's essential for you to stay away from animals that can harm you. So while visiting a zoo or a wildlife sanctuary, don't leave your kids alone anywhere. 

Last but not least, follow traffic rules to stay safe and prevent fines.

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