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4WD Hire in Cairns for an Amazing Off-Road Drive

4wd Rental Cairns

Cairns is an ideal starting point for your Australian adventure with so much at its doorstep. The bright blue waters of the Coral Sea; the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef; the flora of the tropical rainforests; the cool inland tablelands and a wealth of offshore islands – all ready for you to discover on your 4WD adventure.

Tour to Adelaide Hiring a 4WD

Hire a four-wheel-drive, campervan or a motorhome in Cairns from Aussie Campervans and discover some of Australia’s best beaches and rainforest areas along the way. We offer a comprehensive range of 4x4 car hire to suit all budgets. Check out our wide range of recommended campervans for rental and start your holidays exploring the off road, four-wheel-drive tracks in Far North Queensland.

4X4 Tracks in Cairns

    • Bloomfield Track - this controversial four-wheel-drive track is also known as the Coast Road and officially, also known as “the Cape Tribulation-Bloomfield Road”, and is located in Far North Queensland, Australia. The Bloomfield track connects Cape Tribulation to Cooktown and is a 30km long road. 

      The track provides access to Bloomfield Falls and the aboriginal community of Wujal Wujal that crosses the Bloomfield river. The Bloomfield road is sealed partially and it becomes difficult to pass through this road in heavy rains. The four-wheel-drive track starts at Cape Tribulation and goes north through the Daintree Rainforest and ends in the aboriginal community of Wujal Wujal. The journey is recommended to be undertaken in a 4x4 drive vehicle due to the creeks coming on the way. However, you can take a drive on a two-wheel vehicle, but with utmost care and only in dry weather.

    • Visit Cedar Bay National and Marine Park, a remote mountainous hinterland of tropical rainforest only accessible by boat or on foot (recommended for experienced bushwalkers only). This Park is fringed by sandy beaches and coral reefs with hidden swimming spots and amazing diversity of wildlife.

    • Ross and Locke – a popular swimming spot on the Mulgrave River. Here, you can either launch yourself into the water through a rope swing tied to an overhanging tree or you can also float downstream on a Lilo. There are some mini beaches formed by the sandy areas where you can relax. Beware of crocodiles, as they have been sighted in the Mulgrave River.

    • Black Mountain Road - 43 km of unsealed 4-wheel-drive track in Kuranda Range and Mowbray National Park part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. This park is an imposing mountain range of massive granite boulders with unique wildlife and is rich in Aboriginal culture. The road is on the right as you get to the top and it is well sign posted. Half way on the track you will find the famous abandoned, Quaid Road, which is a relatively steep climb. This 4x4 camper drive is entertaining as you crank up the adrenaline and head down the side of the Great Divide and into the Mowbray Valley.

      Avoid possible collisions with wildlife and all vehicles must give way to the logging trucks. Camping is not permitted, but there is a campground nearby Speewah Conservation Park.

Note: Black Mountain Road is closed during the wet season and also after periods of heavy rain.

    • Danbulla National Park and Danbulla State Forest - you will find interesting features like Crater lakes, huge strangler figs, rainforest walks, lakeside camping areas and places of important local history along the 28 kilometres Danbulla Road. It is a narrow 4x4 unsealed track with sharp curves and rough surfaces. Exercise caution and look out for oncoming 4WD camper vehicles and wildlife on the road.

Note: Logging trucks also use this road, so remember to give way. There are also a number of fun tracks around the Lake Tinaroo area. All campsites at Danbulla must be booked and camping fees will be applied.

  • Davies Creek is another corrugated gravel road suitable only for four-wheel-drive rental vehicles. It is located in the Kuranda Range, towards Mareeba about half way on the left-hand side. Spend a fun-filled day trip to Davies Creek Falls and you will enjoy swimming in the waterfall, with gushing water flowing amongst huge granite boulders. Explore the 33 km return scenic drive along Clohesy River Road with its numerous river crossings.

    There are a number of walking tracks in Davies Creek ranging from short and easy through to the difficult. Take your time to enjoy the views from the lookout and discover the impressive Clohesy River fig tree, the major feature of the park.

If you’re up for an adventure, consider driving approximately 10 hours to Queensland in your rented vehicle. Check out the 8 family-friendly holiday destinations in Queensland to start planning your trip.