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4WD Hire in Darwin Airport, Australia

Robust and Comfortable 4 Wheel Drive Hire in Darwin Airport, Australia

Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory, central northern state of Australia. Situated on the Timor Sea, between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Equator, Darwin is a beautiful tourist destination and gateway to Kakadu National Park, Arnhem Land, The Gibb River Road connecting to Broome and many more.

Tourism is seasonal and every year from April to September thousands flock to Darwin to explore the Kakladu National Park and the surrounding regions. The weather in Northern Territory is divided into the wet (October to April) and dry season (May to September).

Hire a 4WD to Explore Darwin's Attractions

Aussie Campervans offer a wide range of four-wheel-drive vehicles, including 4x4 Campers and 4WD Cars that are best equipped for the rugged Australian terrain. Our qualified team members can provide you with the best recommendations for your 4WD adventure drive. We offer 4WD campers at very competitive prices and offering great value for money. We also run specials throughout the years when relocating the 4WD campers form North to South and vice versa (during the different seasons).

The vehicles are well maintained and mechanically sound - maintained to high industry standard and frequently serviced. If you are to book an affordable 4WD Camper in Darwin, wait no more and click on the banner below to start. 

Recommended 4WD Campers in Darwin

4WD Safari Camper with roof top tent and awning

4WD Safari Camper

  • Automatic
  • Sits and sleeps 5
  • Roof top tent and annexe
  • Suitable for Kakadu, Gibb River Road etc
  • New vehicles released in April each year
4WD Outback Camper with Ground Tents

4WD Outback Camper

  • Automatic
  • Sits and sleeps 5
  • Two ground tents
  • Convenient set up.
  • Suitable for Kakadu, Gibb River Road etc
  • New vehicles released in April each year
2 Berth 4WD Adventure Camper

4WD Adventure Camper

  • Automatic
  • Sits and sleeps two
  • Indoor living area is a good shelter for exteme weather
  • Suitable for Kakadu, Gibb River Road etc
  • New release in 2023

Recommended 4X4 Cars for Hire in Darwin

Attractions & Things to Do with your 4WD Camper

Kakadu National Park :- Kakadu National Park is the well-known World Heritage enriched with natural art galleries, hiking to the top of rugged escarpments and cruise the wetlands, past waterlilies, waterfalls, crocodiles and migratory birds. It is just a three-hour drive from Darwin and best suited for your 4x4 drive. You can start from Darwin or you can also add Katherine and Arnhem Land for a long Top End adventure.

Jim Jim and Twin Falls are one of the main attractions of Kakadu National Park. You can visit both the falls along the Kakadu Highway only across a 4x4 drive road. Moreover, you can drive to the soft sand of Jim Jim which is about 10 km and further you can drive 10 km more on the four-wheel-drive tracks to Twin Falls. It will take a two-hour drive to Jim Jim and further 45 minutes to Twin Falls.

Jim Jim Falls
It cascades more than 200m straight off the edge of the escarpment. Best time to visit is during the early dry season (around May and June) as soon as the road reopens. The Falls often stop flowing later in the season and will certainly look less impressive.
Twin Falls
It is another 10 km 4WD hire drive from Jim Jim and additionally, you will also have to cross the Jim Jim Creek. From the car park, it’s a short walk to a short boat cruise. There is also a boardwalk and one can trek around and over rocks. A moderate level of fitness is required and we recommend that it is unsuitable for small children (under five) unless they have undertaken similar bushwalks previously. Swimming is not allowed at Twin Falls however, you can swim and relax in the Jim Jim pools.

You will find the 4WD rental drive to Twin Falls most rewarding, especially with the Falls cascading into a pool with sandy beach. This is a very popular spot to spend the day far away from the bustle of Darwin and relax taking in the sights and sounds of nature. For more adventure, try climbing to the top of the Falls for a stunning vista. Please, be careful, as many accidents have occurred here. Both Jim Jim and Twin Falls are inaccessible in the Wet Season, especially after the first big rains.

During the dry season, the rock formations are still worth seeing, but the massive torrent of water that makes the falls an attraction is often missing. This area is open for 4x4 drive access only from June to November each year. Entry to the Falls is free.

Bilbilkimbi and Graveside Gorge:- You can list out this area on most maps, but this beautiful and remote part of the park can only be accessed via a difficult four-wheel-drive track. The 44km one way 4x4 rental trip takes around 2 hours, but leads to one of Kakadu’s most rugged and diverse environments. It is a very remote and pristine area and you can spend all day exploring, swimming. There is also plenty to see and do for those interested in bird watching and photography or just relax in this peaceful wilderness environment.

This trip to the Gorge will take up an entire day, but if you have more time we recommend you to camp here for a couple of days to explore the area. Note: Crocodiles inhabit this area, so always check with the Visitors Centre regarding safe places to swim!!. Graveside Gorge is a remote scenic area with beautiful waterfalls, plunge pools and great hikes. Experience a totally peaceful environment that remains untouched and never crowded. Note - a permit is required for an overnight stay here, so discuss this back at the Bowali Visitor Centre or at the Park Entrance when you first arrive.

At various times during the year, Graveside Gorge will be closed to visitors and only open for use by the Traditional Owners of the area.

Litchfield National Park:- This National Park is an easy 2-hour 4wd rental self-drive from Darwin City with spectacular waterfalls and abundant native fauna and flora. Litchfield National Park is the most attractive and popular park in the Top End and offers all year round swimming and hiking.

Attractions Wet Season Dry Season 2WD Access 4WD only Remarks
Magnetic Termite Mounds   Great example of nature adapting to its environment
Buley Rockhole   Very popular swimming hole
Florence Falls   Good Swimming. Steep descent and climb
Tjaetaba Falls   Not well known so not crowded
Wangi Falls   Most popular swimming hole
Tjaynera Falls     Would be more popular than Wangi if more easily accessible
Surprise Creek Falls     Remote and not crowded

3 Access Road into Litchfield National Park

  • Sealed road through the township of Batchelor
  • Unsealed road from the North – only accessible with a 4x4 vehicle. 
  • Turn off Cox Peninsula Road (42 km of gravel road) Closed during the wet season.
  • Four-wheel-drive track from the South through the park and via a number of creek crossings. 
  • Ensure your vehicle has a snorkel required for Reynolds River. This route is very popular with 4WD enthusiasts. Closed during the wet season. Check with your vehicle rental company about the terms and conditions as seasonal restrictions apply.

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Recommended Campsites in Darwin:

Attraction Campgrounds Nearby

Litchfield National Park

Batchelor Holiday Park
Address: 37 Rum Jungle Road, Batchelor, NT 0845
Phone: +61 8 8976 0166

Banyan Tree Resort
Address: 455 Litchfield Park Rd, Rum Jungle NT 0822, Australia
Phone: +61 8 8976 0330

Kakadu National Park 

- Jim Jim Falls 

Bilbilkimbi and Graveside Gorge

Kakadu Lodge Caravan Park
Address: 1 Jabiru Dr, Jabiru, Northern Territory
Phone: +61 8 8979 2422

Pine Creek Railway Resort
Address: 1 Railway Terrace, Pine Creek, Northern Territory, 0847, AU
Phone: +61 8 8976 1001