20 Jul

10 Ways Of Romanticizing Your Sydney Trip!

As most of us work in a corporate world toady, wherein we have to cope up with cut-throat competition day in and day out, we definitely require long holiday trips to beat that frustration and anxiety. Today’s stressful work culture make your life too boring and colorless, wherein you have to spend a minimum of 8 to 9 hours in the office on a daily basis. And since you get too tired by following this routine, you don’t want to see anything else apart from your bed once you reach home.

It’s quite obvious that when you live in such an aggressive world, you often want to be in a place which can sooth your soul and can offer you peace of mind.

Though some people say that meditation and yoga can beat the stress to a great extent, but I believe family holiday trips can offer best results. If you are an Australian, Sydney can offer you an unprecedented holiday experience, which remains truly important for boosting your energy and beating your monotonous routine. However, if you want to make it even more interesting you should hire a campervan in Sydney as that can allow you to travel according to your choice.

Here’s How You Can Revamp The Experience Of Your Sydney Trip

1. Visit Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

If you truly want to enjoy with your kids and get relaxed, visiting Sea Life Sydney Aquarium can prove to be a great experience. This place gives you the luxury of exploring a wide range of aquatic life, which can be found mostly in Australia. Here you can see around 700 marine species, which mostly include different types of fishes, and other aquatic creatures like penguins, and stingrays etc.
The aquarium consists of themed zones like -
  • Discovery Rockpool
  • Shark Walk
  • Jurassic Seas

In addition to that, it also consists of “Great Barrier Reef display” which gives the visitors a comprehensive idea about how the Great Barrier Reef looks like.

2. Know More About Quirky Animals By Exploring Taronga Zoo

For all the animal lovers across Australia, Taronga Zoo is an excellent place to explore if they are interested in knowing about unique creatures. Taronga Zoo houses more than 300 species, all of which are unique and beautiful. Apart from that the zoo also contains nearly 2600 discrete animals.

Situated quite close to Sydney harbour, the zoo was established back in October 1916 and it is looked after by the Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales.

3. Darling Harbour

If you are planning to explore some sort of pedestrian precinct or recreational points, nothing can beat the significance of Darling Harbour, which is explored by millions of people each year. Located extremely close to Sydney’s city centre, it’s a place wherein the locals, as well as the tourists, gather on every special occasion. You will find a wide range of eateries including multi-cuisine restaurants, high-end cafes, well-known bars, and shopping centers etc. This place got its name from Ralph Darling, who was appointed as the Governor of New South Wales in the year 1825.

4. The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Located in the middle of the city of Sydney, the Royal Botanic Garden was established back in 1816. It is one of the most premier botanical institutions across the globe,which remains open for tourists every day. And the best part is that it can be accessed by people for free. Considering the fact that the Royal Botanic Garden is surrounded by a wide range of popular tourist attractions in Sydney, it is also visited by a wide range of people.

This is one of the most mind-blowing places to explore quirky plants, trees and shrubs etc.

5. The Australian National Maritime Museum

Located in Darling Harbour, the Australian National Maritime Museum is an extraordinary place to learn a lot of things about the history of the country. It’s one of those museums which are governed by the federal government and it was designed by Philip Cox, one of the most famous Australian architects. The museum that was opened back in 1991 has a lot to offer as far as tourists are concerned.

Hence, if you want to know more about the Australian aborigines and discovery of Australia, you must visit it.

6. The Hyde Park Barracks Museum

Designed by Francis Greenway - a famous architect who was born in England and later got transported to Australia, the Hyde Park Barracks Museum is one the most wonderful places which helps in enriching your knowledge about the Australia’s history. It was actually built for housing a large number of convicts especially boys and men.

7. Shelly Beach

All those people who want to spend some time in a calm and beautiful place must go to Shelly Beach, a magnificent destination for family holidays. Located in Sydney’s Manly suburb, it offers a unique experience to all the travelers who flock here mostly on the weekend.

8. Hyde Park

Located on Sydney city centre’s eastern side Hyde Park is one of the most renowned and oldest parklands in the country. Stretching over an area of 16.2-hectares, it is one of the highly visited attractions in Sydney. Located extremely close to College Street, Elizabeth Street and St. James Road, which it is kind of place which is enjoyed by the people of all ages.

9. The Sydney Jewish Museum

For all those travelers who are extremely interested in collecting a bit more information about the history of Jewish community in Australia, must visit the Sydney Jewish Museum. Situated at 148 Darlinghurst Road, the museum gives comprehensive information about the Holocaust of Jewish people. It’s a war memorial opened back in 1923 by Sir John Monash- who was a famous Australian military commander as well as a civil engineer.

10. The Star Sydney

If you are a Casino lover and want to get that ultimate gambling experience, the Star Sydney is the right place for you. It’s Australia’s second largest Casino, which consists of eight bars, hundreds of hotel rooms, and a number of amazing restaurants. In addition to that, the Star Sydney has two gaming floors, wheres in gambling is carried out.

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