26 Dec

8 Ideas For Organizing A Thrilling Campervan Road Trip In Australia

Whether you are want to explore the calm beachfront towns or suburbs of Australia such as Port Douglas, Mission Beach, and Burleigh Heads etc., or its vivacious cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, responsible planning remains the key to success when it comes to organizing advantageous campervan road trips.

Long 'self-drive road trips' offer perfect opportunities to experience the actual charm of a place because they give you the chance to delve into its food, culture, and history like anything. In countries like the US, UK, and Australia, people get extremely crazy about road trips especially during the holiday season, because of its the time when they take the break from their work and focus completely on having fun and strengthening their relationships with their loved ones.

However, organizing an entertaining, exhilarating and venturous trip has its own challenges and hence you need to be fully prepared to take them.

1. Plan The Entire Trip Well In Advance

If you have this deep urge of discovering all kinds of offbeat holiday spots during your road trip, you must realize a simple fact that you need to plan each and everything accordingly. You cannot expect to get things right just by imagining them, you have to execute every step according to your plan.

Taking full responsibility of your trip right from its planning stage can play a vital role in organizing it successfully. Hence, take sufficient time to plan things like which is the best destination, identify what’s that particular place famous for, and how to access it cost-effectively.

2. Make A Planning Checklist

The right way of organizing your trip is to create a ‘planning checklist’ at the first place, which tells you about everything that you should be focusing on during the planning stage. Yes, that’s right, even for successfully planning, you need to make a checklist, which should be referred by you from time to time. This checklist should contain things like finalizing a right holiday destination, identifying a perfect route for it, finalizing a budget, figuring out perfect hotels & resorts for your stay, collecting information on attractions that can be explored on the way, and things that should be packed etc.

This checklist reminds you of everything that you still have to do, hence it does not allow you to hit the roads if you are not prepared for your trip.

3. Opt For The Most Convenient Route

The route that you select to access your destination remains utmost important when it comes to self-drive road trips. You cannot ignore the importance of a convenient route in terms of accessing small cities and towns in the way, because that’s where you can take a break and get some rest, otherwise, you may soon get tired. Apart from that, well-maintained roads are also very important if you want to reach your destination in less time. However, if you want to experience outback areas, you cannot expect too good roads. That means, selection of a route depends a lot on your interest and requirement.

4. Advanced Bookings Are Always Beneficial

Once you have a clear idea of which route you are taking, you can go ahead and book nice hotels and resorts for your stay. Since you would be covering a variety of holiday destinations during your trip, you surely have to book hotels at different places which may prove to be quite expensive for you, hence it’s better to go for advance bookings. When it comes to advance bookings you can definitely avail a lot of stunning deals including things like early bird discounts.

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5. Take Sufficient Time To Pack Your Stuff

Once you are done things like hotel bookings, you should then start packing your stuff. Make sure, whatever you require on the way is packed properly. Refer your checklist while packing your stuff, so that you cannot forget anything that’s mentioned in it. Since you need to pack every important item, it’s better to give sufficient time for this activity. Take at least two to three days to pack your stuff, and check everything twice before you can say you are done with packing. 

Things that you cannot always buy on the way but are really important for your trip such as a camera, binoculars, and tools important for repairing your vehicle in the emergency should be packed on the priority basis. If you fail to pack these items, you may have to face a tough time during your holidays whenever you require them. And since these items are quite expensive, you cannot easily think of buying them even if you are in a dire need. 

6. Hire A Well-maintained Vehicle

If you are traveling by your own car, then you must go for its servicing before you hit the road, provided the fact that you have not done the same for a long time. However, if you have gone for its servicing a couple of months back then you don’t have to spend the money again. On the other hand, if you are hiring a campervan, make sure that it’s well-maintained, otherwise, you cannot rely on it completely. Check the alignment of its tires, and make sure that both hand break and leg breaks are functioning effectively. On top of that, you must also check the engine of the car, so that you can drive it peacefully. 

If you think that your vehicle has some issues, you can ask the company (from where you have hired it) to replace it with a better one.

7. Don’t Spend Money Unnecessarily

Once you start your trip, make sure that you spend limited money, otherwise, you may face issues regarding it. Try to opt for cost-effective options when it comes to selecting a restaurant for having your food. You can find a lot of hygienic roadside food stalls which serve amazing dishes wherein you can enjoy your food, rather than spending huge money on sophisticated restaurants. However, if money is just not a concern for you then you can pick your dining options accordingly.

8. Try To Cover Important Attractions In Every Place

Every place that you discover during your road trip must be famous for something important and you should always try to figure out what is that. Otherwise, there is no point of exploring it, if you fail to discover its major attractions. 

So, if you are planning a road trip, don’t forget to use the tips which are described in this post. Also read about "Luxury holiday campervan tours in Australia", "Hidden gems in Western Australia to explore on your campervan" and "Best campervans for families on budget".

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