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Best Prices 4WD Hire in Perth, Australia

Perth isn't on most people's bucket lists when it comes to visiting Australia. When compared to the east coast, it does not attract many tourists or backpackers.

However, did you know that Perth is one of places you shouldn’t miss out when visiting Australia? In this article, let’s see how you can enjoy the beauty of this place with a 4-wheel drive!

Hire 4WD & Enjoy It All Across Perth

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is located along the Swan River where it meets the western coast. Serviced by both a domestic and international airport, many flights arrive at Perth Airport. So you can easily pick up your rented 4WD and start your adventure from the Airport.

Places of Interest:

One of the biggest city parks in the world – Kings Park is bigger than Central Park in New York. So have a picnic and enjoy the stunning views of the rivers and the tall skyscrapers along the river banks.  

Visit Cottesloe Beach, for its pure white sands – a favourite seaside destination popular with tourists and locals for swimming and snorkelling.. If you are there in the evening do not miss watching the spectacular sunset over the south Indian Ocean.

Fremantle (or Freo) is half an hour drive or train ride south of Perth. This vibrant city blends the old with the new, with shops, bars, and retro street cafés. You can also board the ferry for a fun filled cruise down the Swan River. There are many more attractions both in Perth city and its surroundings. Perth is the perfect place to enjoy an adventurous four-wheel-drive outing.

Quick facts about Perth

Perth, contrary to popular assumption, is far from average. The famed Cottesloe Beach, a short 15-minute drive from Perth CBD, is the nearest of the state's 19 stunning beaches. 

If you're searching for a more private beach, head north of Fremantle to Leighton Beach. If you don't like the golden sands of the beach, you can always travel into town and sample the city's growing cuisine scene. 

There's something for everyone, from morning brunches and wonderful coffee to new and fashionable eateries.

Besides that, here are some quick facts about Perth:

  • The only spot on the planet where quokkas may be found.

If you know where to look, Perth has more to offer than kangaroos and koalas. The cute quokka, renowned as one of the happiest creatures in the world, lives on the sun-kissed islands off the coast of Perth. 

These cute creatures are mostly found on Rottnest Island, where they have become the island's most popular tourist attraction.

  • You get the opportunity to swim with the world's largest fish

Australia is famed for its amazing marine life and coral reefs, but if you want to do more than snorkel and dive, this is a must-do. 

Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia is one of the few places in the world where you may swim alongside the world's largest fish — a whale shark, to be specific.

  • It has a hot Mediterranean climate in the summer

Perth is reputed to be the sunniest capital city in the world, with an average of 8 hours of sunlight every day all year.

  • It’s convenient to travel in Perth

Did you know that staying in the Free Transit Zone or taking the free CAT buses allows you to move around Perth for free? This makes Perth one of the most convenient places to visit.

  • Perth has 9 Sister Cities

Perth, in addition to being a bustling and varied metropolis, is always looking for new ways to bring cities together to build meaningful partnerships. 

You can learn about other cities through education and events organised by local volunteers and institutions, or through cultural exchange programmes, as part of a Sister City relationship. 

Perth is twinned with Kagoshima, Japan, San Diego, California, Chengdu and Nanjing, China, Vasto, Italy, Houston, Texas, Rhodes and Megisti, Greece, and Taipei, Taiwan at the moment.

Hire a 4x4 campervan or the relevant car from Aussie Campervans and enjoy several four-wheel-drive tracks in the outskirts of Perth. We provide recommendations for hiring of four-wheel-drive, campervan, and motorhome in Australia at competitive prices. All of our vehicles are maintained and serviced to a high industry standard. If you've difficulty choosing, we can help you with vehicle recommendations.

4WD Tracks within 150 km out of Perth

  • Mundaring Hills Climb

    Approximately 20 km long is the Mundaring Hills where a 4x4 track can easily be completed in half a day. You can combine this track with the Powerline Track to make it a day trip.

    The Mundaring Hills track starts at just 40 km east of Perth centre on the Great Eastern Highway. You can start near Sawyers Tavern in Sawyer Valley. This is a power line track managed by Western Power but is open to the 4WD community.

    Mainly clay and rock, this four-wheel-drive track is steep and very dangerous when wet. Please do not attempt this climb if you have never been off-road driving before. However, you can enjoy this drive at any time of the year.

Note: Can be dusty in summer and slippery in winter so please drive to conditions and keep a safe distance.

  • Jeep Kraft Trail

    It is a 4x4 track, 90 km away from Perth city, and is a relatively tamed track in summer. However, in winter the path can be difficult and pretty slippery. Do not attempt to drive in the creek bed in winter, or you will get bogged. The Lakes Road House (also fuel stop) is an excellent place to start your four-wheel-drive camper rental adventure

  •  The trail begins from the blacktop at a fire break trail right next to a farm. The track then snakes its way up and down a few hills with numerous tight turns. Further, you will find some medium to large rock steps, which will give your 4x4 rental vehicle suspension some serious workout. We suggest keeping your tyre PIS at 16-20 to keep traction and prevent unnecessary track damage.

  • Dwelling up 4WD Track

    It is a 126km to the south of Perth, just a short one and a half hour drive to Lane Poole Reserve. The 69km track through gravel roads and bush tracks is an easy crossing in summer but can be a challenge during a wet winter. You will find campsites along the eastern side of the river coupled with a waterfall and a big open swimming pool whereby you can have fun canoeing and rafting in winter.

    This track may take more than 7 hours to complete with stops at some locations along the river. If you have sufficient time, then it is highly recommended that you spend a night at one of the DEC campsites.

    You will find deep ruts along the way and plenty of steep hill climbs/descents. We recommend four-wheel drives with at least 2-inch lifts for this track.

  • Wilbinga – 4WD beach driving

    From Perth, head towards the north in your 4x4 campervan rental and travel approx. 70 km along the Wanneroo Road. The beach is between Two Rocks and Guilderton (the closest area to Perth where you can go beach driving) and a great place for fishing.

    Wilbinga consists of mainly sand tracks with lots of beach runs and dunes. You will find a few scattered rocky limestone sections, so make sure you have enough ground clearance. There are three big sand dune areas- fun for practising your sand skills and learning about your 4x4’s capabilities. There are also several other steep challenging dunes. We suggest you practice with the smaller dunes if you are new to this. 14-20 PSI is recommended for this area.

    The area can be busy especially on the weekends, so it is a good idea to have sand flags erected on your vehicle to warn others of your proximity.

    Apart from these, there are many more exciting 4WD tracks near Perth to enjoy the Australian outbacks. 

    Why hire a 4WD in Perth?

    Here are some benefits of hiring a 4WD from Aussie Campervans for your next trip:

    • Easy to use 

    4WD campers are similar to campervans in that they have a low profile. It's simple to locate a parking spot with a 4WD camper, and you won't have to pay more. 

    You'll also notice that the car is considerably easier to manoeuvre, and that strong winds have less of an influence while driving. If you are used to driving smaller cars, this makes the shift much simpler.

    • Better grip and traction when driving

    The unmistakable advantage of hiring a campervan is the increased traction and grip on the road. This is due to the fact that you have four wheels that may spin and try to grasp the ground. 

    As a result, 4WD vehicles are noted for their ability to handle difficult driving situations. Because of the increased traction, you'll be able to manage these challenging driving situations without losing control or being trapped. 

    You have more control over it, and 4WD automobiles normally have more weight, which enhances grip even more.

    • Can save up on petrol money

    Another added benefit of hiring a 4WD is that it is built to travel off the beaten path, where petrol stations are few.

    This translates to an extra-large petrol tank for you! Because the makers of these cars are aware that you may be out of range of a petrol station for a lengthy period of time, they have equipped them to drive you from place to place without having to stop and refill. Even if you stick to the main highways, this implies spending less on gas.

Looking to hire a 4WD Camper in Perth? Aussie Campervans can help you with your 4x4 camper and other 4WD requirements. Request for a quote and let us help you choose from  a comprehensive range of 4WD campers on the website and select the one which suits your budget and needs. There is much to see and do in Perth and you will find many attractions just a short drive out of the city.

Recommended Caravan Parks/Camping Grounds For Your 4WD Hire in Perth

Attraction Campgrounds Nearby

Mundaring Hills Climb & Jeep Kraft Trail

Perth Hills Caravan Park
Address: 5235 Great Eastern Hwy, Mahogany Creek WA 6072, Australia
Phone: +61 498 883 397

Lake Leschenaultia Camp Site
Address: 2135 Rosedale Rd, Chidlow WA 6556, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9290 6736

Lane Poole Reserve

Nanga Brook Campground
Address: Nanga Rd, Nanga Brook WA 6215, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9538 1078

Baden Powell Campground
Address: Nanga Rd, Dwellingup WA 6213, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9538 1078


Fremantle Village
Address: 25 Cockburn Rd, South Fremantle WA 6162, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9430 4866

Discovery Parks - Woodman Point
Address: Cnr 132 Cockburn Road & Magazine Crt, Munster, WA, 616
Phone: +61 8 9434 1433

Wilbinga – 4WD beach driving

Guilderton Holiday Park
Address: 2 Dewar St, Guilderton WA 6041, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9577 1021

Ledge Point Holiday Park
Address: 742 Ledge Point Road, Ledge Point WA 6043, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9655 2870