21 Mar

8 Tips For Carrying Out a Safe Road Trip in Australia

Are you planning to carry out a self-drive journey to explore Australia? Well, if that true, make sure that you take all the necessary precautions to stay safe. Fatal accidents are quite common during long self-drive road trips; therefore, you should take appropriate steps to avoid them.

You can read blogs, article, and watch videos on YouTube about road safety tips. You can also talk to your friends who frequently organise self-drive expeditions. Ask them to share their experiences and the kind of problems they face while hitting the roads. It will give you a clear idea of what you should do or what not during your road-trip adventure.

Aussie Campervans has also come up with some incredible safety tips that you can consider during your next road-trip adventure. 

1. Hire a Well-Maintained Vehicle 

Whether you are planning to hire a motorhome or a campervan, make sure that it is in a well-maintained condition. If you are booking it online, don't forget to discuss its service history with the concerned authorities. Ask them when was the last time they have serviced the vehicle that you are planning to hire. If they provide you with valid answers, you can seal the deal. However, if they fail to give you the information you are seeking, then it's better to approach another company. 

You can also visit the company personally to check the condition of the steering wheel, seat belts, brakes, clutch, tires, and lights, etc. if its office is nearby your home. If the vehicle that you are planning to book is in tip-top condition, then you can lock the deal immediately.

2. Pick a Safe Route

Selecting a safe and well-maintained route is one of the most crucial parts of organising a road trip. This particular step becomes even more vital if you are travelling with your kids. So, carry out detailed research over the internet to identify a good route that can help you reach your destination at the right time.

3. Avoid Overspeeding 

When you drive your vehicle on high speed, you can lose control of it even if you hit a small object on the road thereby ending up in a horrific accident. So you should always stick to the recommended speed limit to stay safe. Also, make sure that you avoid potholes and lower your speed further while driving on speed breakers. Overspeeding makes it difficult for you to slow down your vehicle when you need it the most. Reaching your destination a couple of hours late is far better than speeding up your vehicle and ending up in an accident. 

4. Take Frequent Breaks 

During long road trips, it's utterly vital for you to take short breaks every two hours to avoid getting too tired. You can pull over your vehicle in a scenic place and take a short walk with your loved ones. If you don't want to do that, you can pull chairs from your car, and enjoy some delicious snacks during the break. Wash your face and drink some water to feel fresh and energetic again. 

Taking short breaks not only help in fighting fatigue and refreshing your mind but they also reduce the risk of accidents. 

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5. Avoid Heavy Meals 

Consuming a heavy meal is not at all recommended during road trips because it makes you feel sleepy, which makes it difficult for you to drive safely. So consume light meals. Eating light meals every three hours not only helps in enhancing your energy level but it also helps in satisfying your taste buds, which makes you happy.

6. Avoid Driving At Midnight & Early in The Morning 

Late night driving is highly risky because most people find it difficult to concentrate at that time so you must avoid it. Apart from that, you should also avoid driving early in the morning as that's the time when you feel too sleepy.

You can drive the whole day if you take frequent breaks but should park your vehicle in a safe place in the night to take proper rest.

7. Avoid Alcohol While Driving 

You should never make the mistake of driving your car when you are drunk. You lose control of your body after consuming excessive alcohol, which increases the risk of accidents. It's illegal to drive a car when you are drunk, so if you do that you will not only have to pay a fine but may also end up with an accident.

8. Learn Driving Rules

Having a clear idea of driving rules is utterly crucial to avoid potential problems. The first and most vital rule that you need to follow while driving in Australia is to stay on the left side of the road. Apart from that, you need to avoid drugs while driving, have significant knowledge of traffic symbols, and should always carry your license.

Last but not least, you should never use your phone while driving in Australia.

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