11 Jun

5 Phenomenal Tips To Make Your Campervan Warm & Cozy In Winters

Australia is way too different from rest of the countries in the world in a variety of ways. There are several things that are enjoyed by Australians in a different manner when compared to the Western countries like the US and the UK. As most of the people across the world are embracing the summer season in their full enthusiasm, Australians are getting ready to enjoy the winters. Yes, as people in other countries are preparing for warmer and sunnier days, we here in Australia are saying good buy to Autumn and looking forward to enjoying the winters. 

One of the most impressive ways of enjoying the beauty of stunning outdoors in Australia is to plan adventurous campervan trips. Rather than spending your time simply at home without doing anything interesting, it’s always better to plan something that can be enjoyed by the entire family, and road trip is the best option in front of you. There are several breathtaking winter destinations in Australia which offer amazing outdoor views to holidaymakers, so you must try to take the maximum advantages of such things. 

However, when it comes to heading out for a campervan road trip during the winter, you have to consider many imperative things and one of the most important among them is how to keep your vehicle warm and cosy with the falling temperatures.

1. Check The Insulation 

Spending your time inside a van can turn out to be a very difficult thing if you do not know how to keep your vehicle warm. If you are on a nice road trip with your entire family including your kids you can’t afford to ignore the importance of insulation.

So, if your van does not have proper insulation, then it’s better to fix the whole thing before heading out for a trip, otherwise, you will have a tough time battling the cold. You won’t be able to see your kids shivering from cold, therefore make sure that you have proper window insulation panel to prevent the cold weather from affecting the atmosphere inside your camper.

If your vehicle is laced with proper window insulation panels, then you won’t have to face any sort of difficulties during your trip. Depending on the size of your van, you can go for the custom made insulation panels for your windows.

2. Have Your Warm Clothes & Shoes Ready 

If you want to enjoy the road trips in winter, it’s important that you have all the important clothes ready such as woollen gloves, socks, and jackets etc. You can wear all the crucial clothes to protect yourself from the cold. In addition to that, you should also be wearing nice and cosy shoes to keep your body warm. Since, Australia is a country wherein winters are not that strong and harsh, in most of the tourist destinations you can easily manage with clothes alone.

3. Use An Electric Heater & Keep The Cold At Bay 

One of the most interesting and useful ways of keeping the cold at bay when you are travelling in a camper van is to use an effective electric heater. You will find a wide range of heaters on the market that are specifically designed for campervans and hence, depending upon your requirement you can pick the best one for your vehicle. You can choose anything from infrared heaters and oil radiators to fan heaters and ceramic heaters depending upon your requirement.

4. You Can Also Try A Gas Heater 

If you already have a gas heater, then no need to spend your money in getting an electric heater. One of the best parts of using a gas heater is that you do not have to be bothered about having electricity to stay away from cold. But when you use a gas heater you have to take care of several things to protect yourself from the fumes that come from it. One of the most effective things that you have to do while using a gas heater is to consider proper ventilation so that fumes can go out from the vehicle.

You can also use a nice wood burner Another interesting thing that you can use in your camper van during the winter season to keep the cold at bay is a wood burner. You can use a portable wood burner, and all you have to do for that is arrange some small pieces of wood to burn a fire. A lot of people prefer a wood burner because it does not require much maintenance. Again, when you use a wood burner make sure that you take care of the ventilation so that smoke can go out of your vehicle.

All the tips that are mentioned above are really reliable as people often consider these options.

On the other hand, if you do not have a vehicle of your own then you can hire one from Aussie Campervans to enjoy the breathtaking outdoors in Australia during winter. The best part of hiring a van is that you get all the important facilities so you don’t have to be bothered about arranging anything. In that case, all you have to do is pack the important items which include both edibles and warm clothes and then head towards your destination. 

So, consider these tips can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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