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6 Picturesque Winter Destinations In Australia

As winter is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some amazing indoor and outdoor activities in a beautiful holiday destination. Just because you have enjoyed the Autumn season to the fullest in the last couple of months, it does not mean, you should sit peacefully at home now. All the enthusiastic people believe it deeply that they should be welcoming each season in their own style ( which is of course all about having fun) and must try to make each day of their life even more beautiful.

A lot of people believe that winter is all about taking rest at home and getting busy with their day to day life, which is just not true. You have to promise yourself that no matter what kind of situations you are facing on a daily basis, you must do something interesting that can liven up your life and add more charm to it. In that case, nothing can bring more excitement to your life than a well-organised family holiday trip, wherein you can spend some fantastic time.

If you are someone who always feels like avoiding crowded destinations, then perhaps winter is the best time to explore Australia. Whether you are looking forward to exploring a beach holiday destination or enjoying an island holiday, the winter season is truly an ideal time to plan an exciting trip anywhere in Australia.

So, if you have made your mind to enjoy the beauty of Australian outdoors in winter, here are some really pronominal destinations that you can explore with your family and friends.

1. Enjoy A True Winter Weather in Mount Buller, Victoria

Enjoy A True Winter Weather in Mount Buller, Victoria

Photo by Jimmy Harris / CCO BY

All those people who want to enjoy and experience a touch of true winter must look forward to exploring Mount Buller in Victoria. Appreciate the beauty of evergreen trees and stunning landscape during the day time, and enjoy some mouthwatering dishes in the night while staying in a perfect resort or hotel. All those people who believe that this place is too cold, they can beat that feeling by sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee if they are travelling in a campervan as it offers all the facilities which you can hire from Aussie Campervans.

In addition to that, you can stop at any place where you find a reliable restaurant can enjoy some delicious food and wine. Since campervan road trips are extremely popular in Australia, so it's better to pick that option as that provides amazing flexibility to you.

Mount Buller is one of those few places in Australia which gives a true feeling of the winter season, so if you have not explored this part yet, please do it this time around.

2. Explore Noosa - A Beachside Holiday Destination

Explore Noosa - A Beachside Holiday Destination

Photo by Tatters / CCO BY

If you are a kind of person who wants to explore a perfect beachside family holiday destination then Noosa - a beautiful resort town in Queensland can prove to be the best place for you. If you want to relax in a less crowded beach then it’s always better to explore this place during the months of June and July. 

You can visit Noosa Main Beach with your whole family and enjoy its turquoise waters. If you love water sports then you can surely keep yourself occupied the whole day, as you can do several interesting things in the Noosa Main Beach. Apart from exploring it, you can also visit Maleny Botanic Gardens, Noosa National Park and Australia Zoo whenever you make a holiday trip to it. 

3. Newcastle - A Beautiful Harbour City 

Newcastle - A Beautiful Harbour City

Photo by Tim J Keegan / CCO BY

Whenever you talk about exploring a city in the Australian state of New South Wales, people always talk about Sydney - its capital. There is little doubt that Sydney is a beautiful city, but that does not mean, you should not be thinking about exploring other important places. Newcastle is also an amazing city in New South Wales, and if you have not enjoyed its beauty yet, then you can explore it this winter. 

Yes, the winter season is actually a perfect time to visit Newcastle and explore all the beautiful attractions that it has to offer. The soothing climate of Newcastle during the winter season will make you fall in love with this place. 

If you are among those people who have an undying desire to get more and more information about the history and culture if new places, then you must visit the Newcastle Maritime Museum. In addition to that, you can also explore the Newcastle Art Gallery. If you like to walk and enjoying the million dollar views of nature then do not forget to explore Newcastle Memorial Walk. 

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4. Sunshine Coast, Queensland

There are some destinations which remain tremendously popular among tourists all year round, and Sunshine Coast in Queensland is one among them. You can have the perfect time with your family if you visit this place in the upcoming months. It’s a beautiful place which is totally packed with amazing beach resorts, and extraordinarily beautiful rural hinterlands. Apart from enjoying a huge array of water sports, you can also enjoy delicious food whenever you visit Sunshine Coast. 

5. Darwin - An Amazing City In Northern Territory

If you are planning to make an interesting holiday trip during the June and July months, pick Darwin in Northern Territory as your destination as this city has a lot of offer visitors. There are a number of interesting attractions that you can explore in Darwin such as Kakadu National Park, and Litchfield National Park. People who love exploring nature and wildlife should always look forward to exploring national parks and wildlife centuries. You can have an amazing time with you loved ones while exploring quirky animals. 

Darwin is also an amazing place to discover mindblowing Australian cuisines and perfect wines in lovely restaurants. 

6. Cairns In Queensland 

Cairns in Queensland is also a perfect place to visit in winters if you want to spend some beautiful time with your family members in a quiet holiday destination. There are several interesting places that you can explore while your Cairn trip which includes the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest and Fitzroy Island etc. 

Each destination that is mentioned in this post is more beautiful than the other, so you must try to explore them in the upcoming months.

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