11 Jan

5 Matchless 4WD Tracks For Traversing Remote & Dusty Terrains In Australia

It takes guts to kickstart a 4WD road trip in a lonely stretch of road which you have never crossed earlier. In fact, 4WD adventure is all about being fearless or having a death or glory attitude when it comes to discovering mysterious roads and accepting the challenges that come along the way.

Not everyone can enjoy 4WD road trips, which take you through some of the most remote places in the country and offer you with the opportunity to uncover unique countrysides. Off-road adventure is really important for vanquishing the frustration or stress caused by today's’ competitive world as it allows you form an undetachable bond with mother nature that soothes your soul and makes you happy.

The power of forming a bond with nature is beyond your imagination when it comes to bringing happiness and success in your life, therefore you must look forward to long outback road trips to while away a couple of days in the serene environment.

1. Discover Several Of Stunning Places On Gibb River Road

If you are ready to give three to four days to your 4WD road trip that allow you to explore different regions, you can look forward to Gibb River Road that’s located in the state of Western Australia. You can think of discovering the 930 kilometer stretch of road that runs from Kununurra to Derby. This one of the best tracks to explore some of the finest outback landscapes in the region. In addition to that, you can also look forward to discovering extensive cattle stations and pristine swimming holes while traveling through Gibb Rive Road.

Other important attractions in this route include the gorgeous Mitchell falls located at Mitchell Plateau and Kalumburu’s stunning aboriginal settlements. The best time to explore this region is from May to September.

2. Explore Plenty Of Wells On Canning Stock Route

Another important 4WD track in the country is the Canning Stock Route that is again located in Western Australia. What you can do is plan a nice road trip from Wiluna to Halls Creek if you can spend at least 17 to 18 days on the roads. The distance between Wiluna to Halls Creek is approximately 1800 kilometers which can be covered by you in your self-drive vehicle in around 16 to 17 days. 

Canning Stock Route is popular for being one of the most remote 4WD tracks across the globe. It poses enormous challenges to you as it takes you through places like the Gibson Desert, and the Great Sandy Desert. In addition to that, it allows you to discover ancient Aboriginal lands in the country.

It’s completely true that you will find it hard to come across gas stations, restaurants, small cities, and towns etc., frequently while driving on Canning Stock Route, the, however, the outback drive is all about that. Therefore, if you are really concerned about how to manage on such track, then it’s better to plan your drive with a couple of friends so that you do not feel lonely. 

3. Get Ready To Uncover The Binns Track

Apart from Canning Stock Route, and the Gibb River Road you will find it truly adventurous to discover Binns Track which is located in Northern Territory. You can start exploring this track from Mt Dare (which is situated in Northern Territory and South Australia border) and go all the way to Timber Creek. You need at least 10 days to travel this 2191 kilometers track. If you talk about the best time of the year to explore this track it’s between April to August. This lovely track is named after a Norther Territory park ranger- Bill Binns. The track is famous across the world for its diverse terrain since it takes you through beautiful mountains, extensive plans, and intriguing desserts. Therefore, the vehicle that you choose to travel through this track has to have extremely robust tyres. You will find it really thrilling while discovering the Simpson Desert and places like Alice Springs.

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4. Queensland’s Birdsville Track

If you want to plan your trip between April and October, then you must look forward to Birdsville Track in Queensland. The tracks which actually starts from Marree in South Australia will take you all the way to Birdsville in Queensland. You just need two days to explore this stunning route which is approximately 534 kilometers long. This is truly one of the best tracks in Australia which you must discover.

5. New South Wales’ Stockton Beach

If you are looking forward to just one day trip in the state of New South Wales then Stockton Beach is the best option for you. This is just a 53 kilometers long track that is loved like anything by beach lovers. The best part is that you can discover it throughout the year. This is a track that allows you to explore the beauty of coastal areas and experience lovely waves. 

There are a lot of such tracks in Australia, but those which are mentioned in this post are the best ones. Apart from them you can also explore Billy Goats Bluff track in Victorian High Country, Gunbarrel Highway in Northern Territory, Hay River that’s located both in Queensland and Northern Territory, Simpson Desert French Line ( in QLD) and Cape York Track in again in QLD.

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