28 May

Here's How To Be Off-Road Ready To Enjoy Your 4WD Adventure

Planning an off-road adventure? Well, if that’s true, then you have to be ready to face the challenges of driving over rocks, sand, deep mud and ruts. Although the idea of a 4WD road trip sounds quite interesting, you really need guts to face the kind of challenges that come with it.

Most people, who hit the road without preparing themselves for driving over ruts and rocks, end up facing a lot of trouble. If you underestimate the significance of planning and preparations you will never be able to enjoy anything including your road trips. And on top of that, if road tripping is your newfound love, then you have to be extra cautious. It’s very simple to plan a trip, in fact, anyone can do that, but if you hit the road without being off-road ready, the chances are you will experience some of the most troublesome moments of your life.

There is a world of difference between driving on city roads (which you are familiar with) and exploring rugged routes for the first time. In other words, perhaps no one needs any tips when it comes to exploring city roads and highways, but you can’t apply the same formula to rugged and rocky terrains. Exploring them by a vehicle need humongous preparation. You can’t just wake up from your bed one fine day and say that you want to go on 4WD road trip. Yes, it needs a lot of preparation.

However, if you are dying to get that ultimate 4WD experience, here are some really incredible tips for you. 

1. Gather Your Strength 

One of the biggest steps in planning for a 4WD road trip is to gather your strength and courage to prepare yourself for facing all sorts of potential troubles. People, who lack that much-needed courage, panic a lot when they confront any sort of problematic situation. And because of that, they can’t even take right decisions at the right time, which further ruins the situation. So, be fearless if you want to enjoy your trip. 

2. Enrich Your Knowledge About Road Trips 

Before starting your journey, you must be aware of the technicalities of off-road driving. If you are planning your trip with a bunch of friends, make sure that all of you are aware of road conditions and the kind of wildlife you will be exploring. Collect necessary information about the route and make a list of places that you are planning to explore. 

Having a basic idea of the road conditions can save you from a lot of trouble, as you can easily prepare for them in advance. 

3. Learn to Drive a 4WD Vehicle 

If in case, you are planning to hire a 4WD vehicle for your off-road adventure, make sure you know how to drive it properly. Although it’s true that the functions of all the vehicles are almost same, however, even a minor difference in the features and functionality can sometimes create problems for you. Therefore, it’s always better to drive the vehicle in question a couple of times because you start with your actual journey.

4. Keep The Speed Minimum on Rocks

Make sure that you keep your speed minimum while driving over rocks and ruts, otherwise, you will end up damaging your vehicle. Yes, driving over rocky terrains can leave your vehicle battered, which eventually indicates that maintaining a slow speed is the key to success.

Although it’s true that 4WD vehicles are designed for off-road conditions but that doesn’t mean you are free to increase the speed. Remember, if you fail to take the necessary precautions, you will end up damaging the tyres and other crucial parts of your vehicle badly.

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5. Maintain A Steady Momentum on Sand

Driving on sand requires excellent driving skills. Yes, everyone can’t drive on sand. The trick is to keep a low gear and maintain a steady momentum. In addition to that, consider lowering your tyre pressure. The main reason behind lowering tyre pressure is that it helps in creating a greater surface area. Apart from that, stick to a downward slope to park your vehicle on the sand. Parking on slope makes it easier for you to pull away. 

While driving on the beach, make sure that you maintain necessary distance from water, because the tyres of your vehicle tend to sink into wet send. In short, driving on a desert and driving on a beach are two completely different things, so take precautions accordingly.

6. Use The Highest Gear While Driving Uphill 

Whenever you drive uphill, make sure that you use the highest gear because that makes it easier to pull the vehicle. And if you fail to tackle a situation, don’t hesitate to use your own judgement. In short, 4WD road trips are very exciting, all you have to do is plan them in advance.

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