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Drive Up The Bush 4WD Tracks of Clare Valley

Drive 100 kilometres north of Adelaide centre and you hit one of the oldest wine region of Australia. It is also home to the tree-clad rolling hills and breathtaking farms. Just head off the road in any direction and you are bound to fall in love with the mesmerizing natural beauty of this place, which is surprisingly still unspoilt. 

Booking your motorhome in Adelaide is easy like never before

Clare Valley thrives an ideal terrain for self-driving 4WD holidays. There are many 4WD tracks to choose from that unfolds a scenic heritage of bush outback of South Australia and intriguing food culture of the region in the most pleasant way. You can book your 4WD motorhome Adelaide online and reach the depot. Travellers from other states or countries can also book airport pick-up and drop. 

Hit Off-Road For 4WD adventure tours in Clare Valley

Hit Off-Road For 4WD adventure tours in Clare Valley
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4WD hire is unquestionably a perfect way to explore the nature wonders of Clare Valley up close. Without further ado, let’s check out some majestic 4WD driving experiences of the valley. 

Goyder Trail

It has two sections – Northern Trail and Southern Trail. Both takes about 8 hours to finish. Major stop-off of northern trail includes Terowie, Whyte Yarcowie, Hallett and Mount Bryan, while the major spots of a southern driving trail are Booborowie, Farrell Flat, Hampden, Eudunda, Point Pass, Sutherlands and Robertson. Both loop has a common start and end point in Market Square, Burra, a must-see destination for history buffs. 

Dare’s Hill Circuit 

Head down to Hallett and then adhere to the signposts. Continue driving your four-wheels pasts the agricultural plains while in this rolling sheep country. You may get a chance to see kangaroos hopping around or hiding in saltbush. The region flaunts a different style in every season. 

The loop makes a perfect base for a day-out tour from Adelaide. Soak up the panoramic views of Dare’s Hill peak. You may feel as if you have arrived in the Flinders Ranges, one of the most visited touristy sites of South Australia (SA). Keep exploring all around and don’t skip on taking pictures!

Caroona Creek Conservation Park

The major 4WD tour track runs through the middle of this conservation park, home to the magnificent Tourilie Gorge. Take your 4WD down the hills, go up crests and you will pass through bays. Drive up the summit of the range and you will have some amazing views. The park has excellent wildlife scenes; you can watch snakes, kangaroos, birds, lizards and emus. You may park your 4WD at a campsite and go sightseeing!

Things to Watch Out For

Having a Adelaide 4WD hire is a great way to explore the country and its various natural attractions. However, you need to be aware of guidelines and rules. Make sure you know the right time to visit Clare valley; check the road conditions before you begin driving. And always watch out for animals as they do not abide by any road rules. Pack the needed car tools and accessories before you depart for the tour. Carry food and water. You can seek more tips and design your travel itinerary more precisely consulting your 4WD Adelaide supplier. 

Happy Four-wheeling!

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