05 Oct

Why Rent A campervan for Your Holiday Trip

Travelling with a campervan is like hitting unknown roads and discovering new places with a lovely house on wheels. Even if you imagine it for a second that, you are travelling with your own home, it sounds like a fairy tale dream, but in Australia, you can actually live such moments.

Australians love travelling and long road trips as well as off road adventure remains their favourite way of enjoying holidays. They like to explore all kinds of places such as beautiful coastal roads and towns, fantastic beaches, captivating islands, picture-perfect off-road villages, and lush green Vineyards. They also love the idea of exploring national parks, museums and art galleries, and iconic buildings and structures like Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

There are so many places to explore in Australia, and you will surely love the idea of having a lot more privacy and freedom while travelling to those wonderful destinations which can only be offered by a campervan or a motorhome.

You will find campervan and motorhome rentals across Australia such as in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane etc., from where you can hire an ideal vehicle for your holiday trip so that you can enjoy absolute privacy with your family.

Holiday trip by campervan
Here are the advantages of renting a campervan for exploring Australia.

1. You Can Enjoy Privacy with Your Family

One of the best things about travelling in a campervan is that you do not have to be much concerned when it comes to spending that much-needed family time. You can play with your kids and chat with your spouse as long as you want because you don’t always get that opportunity when you are busy with your routine life and office activities. This is the perfect time to spend some intimate moments with your loved ones.

However, when you pick a bus or a train for your travel, you can’t spend your time in the same manner as you do in a campervan because you are surrounded by several people.

2. You Can Save The Money That You Spend in Accommodation

One of the biggest advantages of discovering a place via a campervan is that you do not have to book hotels and resorts for your accommodation as your vehicle offers you comfortable sleeping space and other crucial facilities. So, you can easily save the money that is otherwise required for booking hotels.

3. Explore the Tracks That You Want

When you enjoy the luxury of being on your own vehicle, you do not have to stick to the general bus routes and highways as you can easily choose to hit off-road tracks, which allow you to experience the true spirit of a place. And on top of that, if you are seeking for adventure, nothing can prove to be more interesting than exploring off-road and outback area Australia is one of the best places in the entire world to enjoy the off-road and outback adventure. Western Australia, Northern Territory, and South Australia have the most amazing outback destinations, wherein you can enjoy a wide range of adventurous and thrilling activities. 

4. You Can Easily Stick to Your Plans

If you have a bus or flight to catch, you can’t really give as much time to a place as you want. You can’t think about discovering every nook and cranny of a place because the time doesn’t allow you. However, a self-drive vehicle allows you to go wherever you want, and you can spend as long time as you want in that place. You don’t have to be worried out rushing back to your hotel or a bus stop to catch your bus.

5. Park Your Vehicle Wherever You Feel Like

When you are taking an off-road track, you can park your vehicle wherever you feel like and get down from it to enjoy the beauty of nature. When you stay away from those sparkling cities for a few days while discovering calm and quiet areas, you end up building a special connection with nature, which gives you a unique satisfaction and happiness. Some people end up inventing their spirituality after they spend some time in the wilderness.

6. Cook the Food Your Family Enjoys the Most

Whether you talk about preparing the breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can pull over your vehicle in a nice place that offers amazing views of nature, and pull your gas stove and cooking table from your vehicle in the wild and prepare whatever you feel like eating. Enjoying sumptuous food in the middle of a dense forest, or near a coastal town, from where you can enjoy the views of the sea easily, gives a truly unforgettable experience.

It gives you an experience of enjoying a picnic with your family. If you want to take rest, you do that for some time and then start your journey again.

7. You Can Explore Walking Trails

During your journey, if you come across a place which is famous for its walking and hiking trails, you can stop your vehicle in a safe place and get ready to explore that area on your foot. Exploring renowned walking and hiking trails give a unique experience, and you must try it during your next road trip. But if you are planning anything like that, make sure you don’t forget to pack your walking shoes and hiking boots, otherwise, you won’t be able to bring your ideas to a reality.

So, if travelling in a campervan have so many benefits, why to leave such an opportunity.

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