12 Feb

Benefits of Hiring a Campervan in Australia

Self-driving in Australia is a great fun. Sydney is the gateway to the country and offers a myriad of attractions and activities for travellers. However, there is no dearth of tourist attractions all over the country, from Perth to Brisbane and Darwin to Melbourne. The country is full of scenic drives. So, if your next holiday destination is Australia, campervan hire is truly a viable way of exploring the country and all it has to offer.

Here are the top 9 advantages of choosing a campervan rental in Australia:

1. A Wide Fleet of Choices

Campervans are available in different sizes, from 2 berths (beds) and 3 berths to 6 berths. So, you can pick the right option based on your needs and budget. The best part of this is that various groups can travel together in a campervan and then share the rental between them. Families can spend a really exciting time with their beloved ones playing cards, watching TV or cooking.

2. Save A Large Chunk of Money

Hiring a campervan in Australia guarantees the best value for your money. In a single package, you get both a rental vehicle and a mobile accommodation. So, you need not to pay large amounts for hotel accommodation. In addition, you can prepare your food on your own in the van. This will again save you from your restaurant expenses. When you feel hungry, you can drive to a supermarket and buy the necessary things.

3. Services offered by Motorhome Companies

Most of the authenticate Motorhome companies across Australia offer excellent road side assistance. In addition, the companies also offer additional stuff like Maps, GPS device and luggage rack upon request. For the safety purpose, the companies offer liability insurance. You will find convenient parking facilities throughout the country. They offer customized service to best meet the needs of individual clients.

4. Convenient Pick-up and Drop-off

Motorhome rental companies have multiple desks across the country. So, you can choose your pick-up or departure station at anywhere in the country. Moreover, you can choose from one way rentals or two-way rentals.

5. Complete Freedom in Planning Your Holidays

How about making stops where you want and taking roads as you want? Yes, you can enjoy such freedom when you hire a campervan for your holiday. No need to follow any specific itinerary. You can wake up and determine where you want to drive your van today. You can revisit the places or spend as much time as you want at the place that interests you.

6. Luxury Amenities

Campervan rentals aren’t only for budget travellers. It is also for people seeking luxury and leisure during holidays. Campervans features luxury amenities like TV, Air-conditioning, refrigerator, GPS and WI-Fi.

7. Enjoy a Real outdoor Adventure

You can stay close to nature and still remain safe inside the campervan. You can park a campervan in a national park, prepare meal for your family or friends, or unfold a dining table outside the campervan to have a meal together or play cards. If you have a head for the heights, you better hire a 4WD campervan and go off-the-beaten-paths.

8. A Best Deal is just a Click Away!

You need to visit the brick mortar shops to find the best deal for campervan hire. Rather, you can surf the internet, compare the prices online, and book the deal by making a few clicks.

9. An experience that will last forever!

Holidaying Australia in a campervan will put you very close to the beautiful scenery of the country. The road trips will form many stories that you will feel joy to share with family and friends.

Campervan hire in Australia will make you return home with a host of unforgettable memories!

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