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Travel the Unseen, Sacred Places of the Kimberley, Western Australia

Dive into the ultimate wilderness of Kimberly

Not too many, but there are some places on the earth that immediately capture a special place in your heart and live in your memories lifetime. The Kimberley region in north west of Western Australia is one of such rare places. The place is eternal, historical and so vast that you need ample time to experience all it has on offer.

Campervan hire Perth is one of the best alternatives to reach out Kimberley and explore many other touristy places in the state of Western Australia (WA). If you arrive at the place in the peak holiday season, you will realize that you aren’t the only person who find the landscapes of this outback region simply unforgettable, there are many.

It is a place worth visiting again and again. for adventure tourists, a road trip from Perth to Broome is a favourite. There are many companies allowing you to search, compare and book campervan rental Perth online. The company you choose to book your four-wheels with can also help design your road trip itinerary in line with your interests and budget.

Kimberley, Western Australia

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Water lovers may board on a cruise at the spectacular shoreline of the Kimberley where the landmass meets the Indian Ocean. While the breathtaking outback of Kimberley boasts of easy to access and well-structured routes, going off the beaten paths can take you to some unseen spots such as a creek crossing, the remains of an aboriginal cemetery, etc.

Head down to the campsite near the uninhibited Kunmunya Presbyterian Aboriginal mission site and step back into the glorious past of the region at your own pace with your travel companions. You will find remnants of historical missionaries and experience the depth of complete peace that will refresh your soul.

Rediscover the track called the ‘three mile road’, which was built by the aboriginal people in 1916. Stretched about 9.5 km long, this route gives a glimpse into ancient Kimberley voyages and into the hardships of the pioneering passengers to earn their living in this outback landscape of Australia.

Campervan hire adds to your fun, excitement and comfort

If not short on time, go traveling Darwin – the top end crown jewel of the country, for all new excursions and landings. Make sure the campervan rental supplier you choose in Perth has depots at multiple cities or towns that are part of your journey. Campervan hire will land you with opportunities to access some of the most inaccessible places of the country – from high cliffs and magnificent landscapes to stunning coastline.

Like other part of the country, Perth and its surroundings including the Kimberly region has no dearth of natural marvels; ancient rock formations, canyons, waterfalls and rich marine world are natural treasure contributing to the blossoming and booming tourist industry of Australia.

Excited for a road trip to Kimberley region and rest parts of Western Australia? The holiday season is round the corner, so plan your trip in advance. Book your campervan rental in Perth online before you leave for this wonderful trip and make the most of your time upon arrival.

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