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A Comprehensive Guide To The Best 4WD Road Trip Destinations In Australia

Road-tripping is the most riveting way of exploring the hidden beauty of any country, and Australia is no exception. Australians always look for opportunities to plan 4WD off-road trips because such trips allow them to observe the nature closely, meet a wide range of interesting people, learn new things, explore unique foods and wines, and spend fun-filled nights with their friends and loved ones’ under the starry sky.

However, you can’t deny that off-road adventures come with their own challenges. Therefore, it’s always better to spend a significant amount of time in planning your trip. Spending time in getting comprehensive information about the tracks can improve your road tripping experience to a great extent. If you are not yet a good driver, it's better to sharpen your driving skills before you plan such a trip. Read about the "Do's and Don'ts of 4WD trips in Australia".

The fact that more and more people are opting for road-tripping these days is enough to prove that it’s one of the best ways to add some colour and energy to your monotonous life. So, if you are someone, do not give spend that much-needed time with their loved ones, you must change your attitude toward life. Start 

Australia is way too different from the rest of the world in many ways, and off-roading is the best way to figure that out. 

Aussie Campervans has come up with a list of the best road-trip destinations in Australia, to make it easier for you to pick your next holiday destination. Also read about 5 matchless 4WD tracks in Australia for traversing remote terrains. So, if you are planning to explore the unknown roads in Australia, here are the best 4WD destinations for you. 

1. The Kimberley, WA 

Western Australia is unquestionably the best place for off-road adventure in Australia. It’s a beautiful state that’s packed with unbelievable natural attractions, which attract thousands of travellers from across the globe. If you talk specifically about 4WD adventure, you can stick to the Kimberley region. The beauty of this region can't be explained in words, you have to experience it. You can bring all your family members if they love exploring dusty roads - which offer a very different experience.

Covering a stretch of 423,517 square kilometres, the Kimberley region is an ideal choice for those willing to spend some time in complete tranquillity. Its diverse landforms make it a unique choice for 4WD enthusiasts. The iconic Gibb River Road, which covers a stretch of 660-kilometers makes Western Australia the topmost choice of travellers. 

Major Attractions the Kimberley Region

The main tourist attractions that you must explore while discovering the Gibb River Road are given below.

  1. Windjana Gorge National Park
  2. Bell George
  3. Home Valley Station
  4. Drysdale River Station

To enhance your understanding of this region, try to make the most out of the guided Aboriginal tours. Besides, exploring aboriginal rock art is also an interesting way of learning about the history of this region. 

While exploring the Gibb River Road you can divide your journey into small chunks to make it more adventurous and less tiresome. When you divide your journey into small parts it helps in discovering all the mesmerising attractions effectively. And the best part is that you can spend your time as per your requirement.

So, here is how you can divide the journey on the Gibb River Road into small chunks if you are coming from Broome. 

  1. Broome to Derby
  2. Derby to Windjana National Park
  3. Windjana National Park to Bell Gorge
  4. Bell Gorge to Manning Gorge
  5. Manning Gorge to Drysdale River Station
  6. Drysdale River Station to Durack River Crossing
  7. Durack River Crossing to El Questro Wilderness Park
  8. And El Questro Wilderness Park to Kununurra

The other interesting attractions in the Kimberly region include Lake Argyle and Purnululu National Park.

The best time to explore the Kimberley region is from May to October. Hiking, bushwalking, and fishing are some of the important activities that you can enjoy during your trip. 

2. Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland

Queensland is also a very interesting place to carry out 4WD road trips. It’s a state that’s famous for its lush green forests, lakes, waterholes, awesome beaches, and delicious food. Some of the best 4WD tacks in Queensland are located in and around the Sunshine Coast. Yes, apart from its uniquely captivating camping, surfing and fishing spots, it’s a great destination for road-tripping. 

Located at a distance of 80-kilometres from the beautiful city of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast is one of the most interesting places to spend your weekends. It’s the best option if you are looking forward to escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. People, who are tired of your hectic schedules, visit this place frequently to recharge themselves. Yes, you can find a great difference in your mood even after a short weekend trip to this region, if you work in a competitive environment.

Best 4WD Destinations in the Sunshine Coast are given below 
  1. Bribie Island
  2. Fraser Island
  3. Kalpowar State Forest
  4. Great Sandy National Park
  5. Glasshouse Mountains

In addition to that, you can also find interesting tracks in Kroombit Tops National Park and Landcruiser Mountain Park. One of the best 4WD tracks in this region is 75 Mile Beach Highway in Fraser Island. It gives an unbelievable experience to holidaymakers. This 120kilometers long route is the best way of exploring some of the best-kept secrets of Fraser Island. When you explore those lonely tracks that offer million dollar views, you experience unique happiness and peace of mind. And, there is nothing more important than loving a happy life. At the end of the day, happiness is all that matters in life. For example, if you are someone do does a lot of hardwork at your workplace, it’s only because you want to have a good life and make your loved ones happy. However, planning a road trip with them, can also give them enormous happiness. 

Major Attractions in the Sunshine Coast 
  1. Australia Zoo
  2. Sea Life Sunshine Coast at Mooloolaba
  3. Noosa National Park
  4. Kings Beach
  5. Sunshine Beach
  6.  Noosa Main Beach

Apart from that, you can also explore attractions like Mount Coolum National Park, Mudjimba, The Ginger Factory (theme park) and Dicky Beach in the Sunshine Coast. If you your little one love to explore quirky animals, you must take them to Australian Zoo. They will not only become happy for time being but will remember their trip for the rest of their life. 

So, if you are planning to spend some quality time with your friends and family members while discovering the most adventurous 4WD tracks in Queensland, look no further than the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Apart from enjoying off-roading in the Sunshine Coast, you can also enjoy shopping and explore unique foods during your upcoming trip. 

3. Karijini National Park, WA 

Located in the Pilbara region, the Karijini National Park is an ideal destination to carry out 4WD road trips. Packed the extremely astonishing waterholes, gorges, and lush greenery it's hard to believe that such places do exist even today. It’s the best place for nature photographers, as they can find several interesting things to capture in their camera. You can spend an entire day in fulfilling your photography dream by capturing unique plants and wildlife. 

You must have amazing driving skills for having a great off-roading experience in this area. And it's always better to have someone in your vehicle who knows driving so that you can take rest when you are too tired. 

Major Attractions in Karijini National Park
  1. Hamersley Gorge
  2. Mount Bruce
  3. Mount Meharry
  4. Fern Pool
  5. Fortescue Falls

In addition to that, you can also explore Joffre Gorge, Circular Pool, and Kalamina Falls in Karijini National Park. This also a great destination for people looking forward to spending a lot of time walking and hiking. Before starting your trip, make sure that you make a list of all the essential items that you will be needed during your journey. Experienced travellers always look for ways to cut their travel cost, and smart packing is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. In this way, you can easily stick to your budget. In addition to that, you should also keep a track of the fuel. Since it's hard to find gas stations in off-road destinations, you should have a proper calculation of fuel usages. 

4. The Red Centre, NT

The Red Centre is an iconic outback destination in the Northern Territory. Travel enthusiasts from all over the country visit this region to get that perfect 4WD experience. There is no denying the fact that, like its lush green forests and beaches, Australia is also very popular for its deserts. And when you talk about deserts, you can’t miss mentioning the Red Centre - a colloquial name for Northern Territory’s Southern desert region. 

You really need extraordinary driving skills to explore the off-road routes in this region. All the routes that you will find in this region will test your driving skills like anything. In addition to that, you must know how to maintain your vehicles. In case, your vehicle stops working on a lonely road, you must know how to fix the problem with it. Otherwise, you will end up panicking.

Major Attractions in The Red Centre
  1. Uluru
  2. Kata Tjuta
  3. Kings Canyon
  4. Larapinta Trail - an interesting walking track
  5. Anzac Hill
  6. Olive Pink Botanic Garden
  7. Todd River
  8. Alice Springs Telegraph Station

The Red Centre is the heart of Australian off-road destinations. The kind of experience you will get while discovering Uluru, Kings Canyon, and Anzac Hill is really difficulty to get by exploring any other off road destination. You must have sufficient time to explore this part of Australia. There are several other small destinations that will keep occupied during your journey. There is no other way to understand how it feels to explore the Red Centre apart from exploring it in the real sense. 

5. Tanami Road 4WD Track, NT

If you want to travel from Alice Springs to the Kimberley via a shortcut then Tanami Road is the best option for you. This road offers an incredible 4WD experience to travellers. Apart from exploring the million dollar views of the desert, you can learn several things while driving along this route. 

Also if you are looking forward to access the Red Centre, then you can start travel through Tanami desert. You can take the most simplest and shortest 4WD track from Halls Creek to Alice Springs.

Major Attractions in the Tanami Road 
  1. Yuendumu
  2. The Granites gold mine

It is one of the most well-maintained 4WD tracks in Northern Territory, so you will surely have a wonderful time while exploring it. Therefore, if you are thinking about having a 4WD experience with your spouse and children, then it's the best option for you. You can Discover Yuendumu, a remote town that’s located at a distance of 293 kilometres from Alice Springs, to get an amazing experience. 

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6. Blue Mountains National Park, NSW 

Driving through the dense forest in the Blue Mountains National Park allows you to experience tranquillity at its best. It’s not only a great destination for exploring walking and hiking trails, but it’s equally important for rock climbing. Activities like walking and hiking help a great deal when it comes to connecting with nature. And when you are able to connect with nature, you get a unique mental peace. 

Major Attractions in Blue Mountains National Park
  1. The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden
  2. Govetts Leap Lookout
  3. Three Sisters
  4. Wentworth Falls
  5. Scenic World
  6. Jenolan Caves

In addition to that, you can also explore Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum, Hiking and Heritage Trails, and Katoomba. Though you will get a chance to explore a variety of tranquil places in Australia but the kind of experience that the Blue Mountains offer is tough to get anywhere else. 

7. Kakadu National Park, NT

Famous for its beautiful sandstone escarpment, rivers, and wetlands, the Kakadu National Park is one of most interesting attractions in the Northern Territory. It’s an ideal place to explore quirky birds and reptiles. Besides, it is also the perfect place to explore rock art. It is not only the most famous national park in Northern Territory but in the entire country. 

Major Attractions in Kakadu National Park

  1. Twin Falls
  2. Anbangbang Billabong
  3. Jim Jim Falls 
  4. Yellow Water
  5. Maguk Gorge
  6. Koolpin George
  7. Nourlangie Rock
  8. Warradjan Cultural Centre

So, if you are someone, who wants to spend some really interesting moments with your loved ones in a beautiful park, stick to Kakadu National Park. If you want to enhance your understanding of the history of Northern Territory, then make the most out of the guided tours. 

8. Gunbarrel Highway, WA & NT

If you can gather the courage to tackle the problems that come with off-roading, then the Gunbarrel Highway is the best option for you. You can start your trip from Wiluna in Western Australia and finish it in Yulara, Northern Territory. This 1420 Kilometer long road allows you to explore some of the most awe-inspiring attractions. 

Major Attractions in Gunbarrel Highway
  1. Yelma Stockyard ruins
  2. The Gnamma Rockholes
  3. Mount William Lambert
  4. The Giles Weather Station

9. Canning Stock Route, WA

If you want to explore stunning views and collect unforgettable memories during your outback trip, look no further than Canning Stock Route in Northern Territory. Created way back in 1910 to link a series of wells, this 1,800 kilometres long route allows you to explore beautiful sandy tracks and awe-inspiring terrain. 

Major Attractions on Canning Stock Route
  1. Gibson Desert
  2. Little Sandy Desert 
  3. Great Sandy Desert

You have to prepare a lot while planning a trip to this region. Since it’s hard to find hotels and restaurants while exploring this route, so it’s important to pack long-lasting foods and snacks. In addition to that, make sure that you pack first aid kit and tools to repair your vehicle. 

Another important thing that you must keep in mind is that you should book your campsites in advance. Since there are very limited campsites along this route, it’s better to book them well in advance. Also, it's extremely important for you to collect as much information as possible about the weather conditions for the upcoming weeks. 

10. Hay River, QLD & NT 

The Hay River track takes you from Birdsville, QLD to Gemtree, NT. It's a highly remote track that follows the winding route of an extinct river. This amazing route wasn't accessible to the public prior to 2000. Travellers have to take permit to access this route. If you explore this route, you will get an opportunity to explore unique natural attractions. 

Major Attractions on Hay River
  1. Batton Hill Camp 
  2. Gemtree campgrounds

You can park your vehicle in the above-mentioned campgrounds, and explore the nearby areas. Both Batton Hill Camp> and Gemtree campgrounds offer all the essential facilities to the holidaymakers. 

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11.The Flinders Ranges, SA

The Flinders Ranges have some of the best 4WD tracks in South Australia. These beautiful mountain ranges cover a stretch of over 430 kilometres. They stretch from Port Pirie, one of the biggest cities in South Australia to Lake Callabonna.

Major Attractions on Flinders Ranges
  1. Wilpena Pound
  2. St Mary Peak
  3. The Pichi Richi Scenic Railway
  4. Mount Remarkable National Park

In addition to that, you can also explore Quorn and Mount Brown Conservation Park. Explore 4WD tracks in the Flinders Ranges to get an unforgettable experience. Get deep inside the rugged terrain to get a unique feeling. It’s one of the best places to connect with nature. You can find a stunning place and sit hours over there while appreciating natural attractions. 

12. Kalbarri National Park, WA

Kalbarri National Park in WA is one of the best places to carry out adventurous activities during a 4WD trip. It's better to plan your trip in advance if you want to make the most out of your time. Find out all the interesting attractions in advance so that you do not have to deal with any problem later on. In addition to that, make sure that you carry some of the important things with you to avoid spending extra money.

Major Attractions in Kalbarri National Park
  1. Kings Park & Botanic Garden
  2. Scarborough Beach Surf School
  3. Nature’s Window

Exploring natural attractions not only helps in boosting your mood but it also feel highly energetic after that. 

13. Witjira National Park, SA 

If you are looking forward to spending some quality time with your family on your next road trip then Witjira National Park in South Australia is one of the best options for you. Located on the western part of the Simpson Desert, it offers some of the most exciting 4WD tracks that can offer a unique experience to you. If you have sufficient time you can spend a couple of days to explore this beautiful part of Australia. You can plan short outback trips with your loved one in this region. 

Major Attraction in Witjira National Park
  1. Dalhousie Mound Springs
  2. Old Ghan Railway 
  3. Pedirka Desert

Witjira National Park is one of the best places to take the views of the stunning arid desert landscape. Since the park is accessed through an off-road track, 4 wheel driving is highly recommended here. 

While discovering this region, make sure that you have a fair idea of the weather conditions, otherwise, you can get into trouble. 

14. The Anne Beadell Highway in Western Australia 

If you are looking forward to exploring a highly remote track in Western Australia, look no further than the Anne Beadell Highway. It passes through stunning desert areas that give an unforgettable four wheel driving experience. Covering an area of approximately 1,350 kilometres, the route starts from a beautiful suburb in the Northern Goldfields region called Laverton and takes you all the way to Coober Pedy in South Australia.

Major Attraction on the Anne Beadell Highway
  1. Emu Field
  2. Yeo Lake Homestead
  3. Mamungari Conservation Park
  4. Tallaringa Conservation Park

In addition to that, you should also explore Yamarna Station as well as Djinkagara. Only experienced drivers should take the responsibility of driving while exploring this route. 

15. Currawinya National Park in Queensland 

Located in Hungerford, Currawinya National Park is one of the most renowned parks in South West Queensland. It is a fantastic place to see migratory shorebirds and waterbirds in large numbers. You will also discover beautiful rivers, lakes, and wetlands, once you visit this national park. Apart from birds, Currawinya National Park is also home to kangaroos, and different types of reptiles. 

Major Attractions in Currawinya National Park
  1. Lake Wyara
  2. Lake Numalla
  3. The Paroo River 

So, if your spouse and children love exploring wildlife, do take them with you on an exciting road trip. Spending some time while exploring pristine lakes, will fill your heart with enormous joy. If you are some one who does not like travelling from one destination to another, you can find a nice relaxing place near a lake can spend hours in exploring its beauty. Similarly, you can find a stunning place near the Paroo River and spend some time over there with your loved ones. 

16. West MacDonnell Ranges, NT

A stunning mountain range in Northern Territory, West MacDonnell Ranges offers awe-inspiring outback attractions that will keep you occupied like anything. You can explore a large number of beautiful gorges, Aboriginal sites, and walking and hiking trails in this outback region. 

Major Attractions in West MacDonnell Ranges
  1. West MacDonnell National Park
  2. Standley Chasm Kiosk
  3. Ormiston Gorge and Pound
  4. Glen Helen Gorge

In addition to that, you can also explore Serpentine Gorge and Ochre Pits. Exploring aboriginal sites, gives a superb experience. Once you start discovering them, you feel like knowing a more and more about Aboriginal Australians. 

17. Nymboida National Park, NSW

If you are looking forward to a perfect road trip destination in New South Wales, look no further than Nymboida National Park. Spend some lovely moments in a complete wilderness with your loved ones. Explore beautiful campgrounds and walking treks. 

Major Attarction in Nymboida National Park
  1. Nymboida River Campground
  2. Mann River

Though you will find several interesting places in the New South Wales, the kind of experience that you will get after exploring Nymboida National Park won’t be offered by any other place. The wide open spaces will make you fall in love with walking and hiking. In addition to that, you will also find it utterly interesting to explore using flora and fauna of this area. 

18. Dampier Peninsula, WA

Dampier Peninsula is also a very interesting place for travel enthusiasts. It is fully packed with stunning attractions that will keep you occupied like anything. When you plan a trip to this region, delve deep into its rich history and culture. 

Major Attractions in Dampier Peninsula
  1. Cape Leveque
  2. Cygnet Bay
  3. Pender Bay
  4. Coulomb Point Nature Reserve

Besides, you can also explore, Beagle Bay Church and Round Rock Lookout. The beauty of Dampier Peninsula is hard to explain in words, so you must explore it to experience it. You have endless fun at Cape Leveque and Cygnet Bay with your loved ones. 

18. Cape Arid National Park, WA

If you are thinking about driving along stunning beaches then Cape Arid National Park in Western Australia is the best option for you. You can also get a stunning camping experience under starry sky if you visit this place. Other interesting activities that you can do in this park include whale watching, exploring colourful wildflowers, and enjoying water sports like swimming. It is also a perfect destination for beach fishing and bushwalking. And the best part is that most of the tracks in this park are only accessible through four wheel drive. 

Major Attractions in Cape Arid National Park
  1. Thomas River
  2. Mount Ragged
  3. Yokinup Bay
  4. Orleans Bay Caravan Park

If you want to get a beautiful windsurfing experience head straight to Yokinup bay. Spending some time in off-road destinations make your live really beautiful. Since you experience tough competition everywhere these days, it’s better to forget about it by exploring tranquil places. 

19. Cobourg Peninsula, Northern Territory

The Cobourg Peninsula, which is approximately 350 kilometres east of Darwin, NT is one of the most sought-after destinations for travel enthusiasts. Covering an area of about 2,100 kilometres, the Cobourg Peninsula is packed with stunning destinations like coves. 

Major Attractions in the Cobourg Peninsula
  1. Cape Don Light
  2. Port Essington
  3. Meriah, Araru Point
  4. Ngardimardi 

In addition to that, you can also explore Minjilang - a beautiful village on Croker Island. So, if you really want to bring that much-needed smile on your loved ones’ face, you must plan a stunning trip to Cobourg Peninsula.

20. Wombat State Forest, VIC

The Wombat State Forest, which is located at a distance of 50 kilometres from the city of Melbourne, is one of the best destinations for four wheel drive enthusiasts. This region has some of the most exciting 4WD tracks that take your off-roading experience to a next level. 

Major Attractions in Wombat State Forest
  1. Garden of St Erth
  2. Lyonville Mineral Springs
  3. The Lerderderg Heritage River Walk
  4. Yankee Mine

In addition to that, you can also explore Nolans Creek Picnic Area, Pioneer Sawmill, and Andersons Mill. 

People from nearby cities and towns visit this destination frequently. It is one of the best weekend holiday destinations for the people from places like Melbourne. And since it is only half-an hours journey from the city, you can also explore it on a day trip. 

Apart from the above-mentioned 4WD destinations, you can also explore the ones that are mentioned below. 

  1. Litchfield National Park, NT
  2. D’Entrecasteaux National Park, WA
  3. Murray Sunset National Park, VIC
  4. Moreton Island, QLD
  5. The Holland Track, WA
  6. Lorella Springs, NT
  7. Deua National Park, NSW
  8. Kroombit Tops National Park
  9. QLD, Gibson Desert, WA
  10. Shark Bay, WA
  11. Kangaroo Island, SA
  12. Mungo National Park, NSW
  13. Margaret River, WA

So, if you are planning an off-road adventure in Australia, make sure you consider the above mentioned destinations for an awe-inspiring experience. Get started on a memorable trip by hiring 4WD campers and 4WD cars.

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