14 Feb

School Holidays - Explore 8 Arresting Destinations Near Cairns & Gold Coast In 2017

No matter from which part of the world you are, if you are a student all, you wait for is your school holidays, so that you can get some free time to do whatever you want. The same applies to Australians, and the best part is that they know how to take the maximum advantage of their vacations. Australians do not believe in wasting their time by staying inside their houses during the school holidays, instead of that they go out and hunt new places which they have not seen before. 

In Australia, parents begin to plan vacation trips much before the arrival of school holidays so that the whole family can have some fantastic time. It becomes difficult for parents to plan a holiday trip when their children have classes. Therefore school holidays is the perfect time to step out of the town and see some incredible things offered by the tourist destinations. 

Read on to figure out of the best holiday destinations that you can explore during the school holidays in 2017 to make your children really happy. You can hire a rental vehicle from Aussie campervan to explore some of the places mentioned below. 

1. Explore Colourful Fishes And Turtles At Lady Elliot Island

The Lady Elliot Island is one of the most famous destinations for school holidays in the Great Barrier Reef. It is the best place for whiling away in tranquillity and for exploring some exiting water sports such as swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving, etc. 

If you have that keen interest and love for aquatic animals, you must visit this island. You can discover a variety of different fishes and can also see turtles hatching on the beach. 

Apart from that, you can explore some really beautiful seabirds such as the brown booby, black noddy, silver gull, wedge-tailed shearwater and the red-tailed tropicbird. 

2. Discover Alluring Birds & Striking Plants At Heron Island 

If you are looking for some jaw-dropping adventure, Heron Island which is again located in the Great Barrier Reef region is the best place for you. It’s the place that will give you the perfect holiday feel because you can do some truly unique things over there. Heron Island which is home to some of the most breathtaking birds and plants will keep your children occupied like anything. 

Your family will have a fantastic time exploring birds such as the black-faced cuckooshrike, the Capricorn silvereye , the Buff-banded rail and the sacred kingfisher. You can explore the Heron Island Resort and Capricornia Cays National Park which are amazing. 

3. Visit Barron George National Park 

Another ideal holiday destination for school holidays is the Barron George National Park, which is located around 27 kilometres away from the Cairns. It is one the most famous spots for the people of Cairns when it comes to planning a family outing. You can pick your campervan and explore this lovely national park with your family and friends. Its rugged peaks, unique wildlife, and breathtaking waterfalls will steal your heart. 

4. Travel To Gordonvale On Your Campervan 

If you are dying to go ahead with a campervan road trip, you can pick your destination as Gordonvale which is a beautiful town near the city of Cairns. It’s an alluring sugar-growing town with beautiful landscape. If you are planning to discover a peaceful place Gordonvale can prove to be the best destination for you.

5. Discover Pristine Lakes At Crater Lakes National Park

If you love exploring nature and want to spend some memorable time with your family members and best friends in a quite place, then you must visit Crater Lakes, National Park. This beautiful park is located around 67 kilometres away from Cairns, and you can explore Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham once you reach there.

6. Spend Your Holidays In Gold Coast

If you aim lies at exploring sandy beaches, you must look forward to exploring the Gold Coast a metropolitan area that is located south of Brisbane - the striking capital Queensland. Gold Coast is popular among tourists for its surfing spots and bustling shopping centres. It’s one of best weekend escapes for the people of Brisbane as they can do multiple adventurous activities over here.

7. Travel To Sunshine Coast

If you want to spend a couple of days in beach resorts while and explore some of the best surfing spots in Queensland, then you must plan a trip to Sunshine Coast. You can enjoy water sports, go for shopping, and discover some tantalising food in Sunshine Coast during school holidays.

8. Enjoy The Turquoise Waters In Noosa Heads

If you love swimming in the turquoise waters, Noosa Heads - a coastal town near Brisbane remains the best option for you. You can drive all the way from the City of Brisbane to Noosa Heads and can enjoy picture perfect views during your journey. You can visit Noosa National Park to see a wide range of wild animals like kolas.

Apart from the above-mentioned destinations, you can also visit places such as Cape Tribulation, Palm Cove (a beach town that’s located 27 kilometres from Cairns), Paronella Park, Cairns Tropical Zoo, and Ellis Beach. There is little doubt these places that can be explored at any time of the year, however, school holidays is certainly the best time to see them.

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