15 Nov

Here’s How You Can Celebrate Christmas In Cairns

Christmas, which is celebrated each year on 25th December to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ is one of the most crucial festivals for Christians across the world. Whether you talk about American countries, European countries or Australia, this family-friendly festival is enjoyed with equal enthusiasm everywhere. People indulge themselves in creative as well as fun-filled activities during the holiday season in order to enjoy this festival to the fullest. 

If you talk about your regular routine, you hardly get any time to spend with your family, probably that’s the reason everyone keeps waiting for Christmas holidays, a time in the year when you don’t have to involve yourself in any work that is associated with the school, college or office etc. Because everyone remains completely free during this time they easily plan amazing things for this festival.

If you talk especially about Christmas celebrations in Australia, people staying away from their families go home and join their loved ones in the celebration. Each year they try to plan their Christmas parties in a better way, wherein people can have more fun and can entertain each other like anything. In other words, people come up with unique ideas when it comes throwing Christmas parties and decking their abodes for the same. Australia is a country with six beautiful and vibrant states which include Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria and each year when Christmas approaches a festive mood starts prevailing in these states. 

Now let’s be even more specific and talk about Christmas celebrations in a city called Cairns, which is located in Queensland. Cairns is an incredible city, which is extremely popular for tourism in entire Australia. The reason behind Cairns being so popular for tourism is its tranquility and environment. The Preparations for the arrival of Christmas can be seen in Cairns right from the starting of the month of November. 

Check Out How Christmas Is Celebrated In Cairns 

1. Houses Are Embellished With Christmas Decorations 

Christmas is welcomed by people with great pomp and show in Cairns, therefore they start decorating their houses with stunning lights and Christmas ornaments at the first place. Each and every corner of the houses including both front yards and backyards is decorated by the people with great creativity. Colorful Christmas lights with different shapes and sizes are purchased and they are wrapped around the trees and hung over the roof. In addition to that, Christmas wreaths are placed in different parts of the houses including the main door. On top of that, both indoor and outdoor Christmas trees are purchased by the people and they are places accordingly in order to add that perfect Christmas feel to the houses. People who make their own Christmas trees decorate them with stunning items like fancy ribbons, Christmas lights, and wreaths etc. Gifts are also placed by people near the Christmas trees, which are generally picked by small kids from there. 

2. Small Road Trips Are Arranged 

Another very common thing that is done by people during Christmas in Cairns is to arrange group outings or small road trips. The planning for such trips starts well in advance so that everyone can take full advantages of the outings. People start booking campervans much ahead of time in order to prevent paying high rates later on. There are many famous Christmas holiday destinations in Australia, and Cairns has a lot of them.

Places such as the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest, Barron Gorge National Park, The Barron Falls, Paronella Park, Fitzroy Island, Rainforestation Nature Park, Ellis Beach, and Russell River National Park etc., are some of the most famous Christmas camping destinations. People book campsites and enjoy their Christmas holidays in one of these destinations. 

3. People Go For Shopping 

Apart from embellishing their houses and going for road trips, people go for shopping like anything during this festivals. They shop everything such as clothes, decorative items (such as Christmas ornaments, wreaths, fancy ribbons), groceries ( because a lot of people come for lunch and dinner), home furnishing products ( bed sheets, cushion covers, and curtains etc.), and toys for kids. In that way when you look at the houses or the people living in them you can easily make out that its Christmas time. 

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4. They Throw Christmas Parties 

Christmas parties are thrown in all most all the house, wherein people love to serve delicious food to their guests. They do all kinds of entertaining things during the party such enjoy the bonfire, drink old wines, play games, and sing songs etc. Such parties generally get over late night hence everyone enjoys them to a great extent. 

5. Everyone Goes To Church 

People love to go church on Christmas eve and sing Christmas carols. During this times churches are decorated beautifully in Cairns. All those people whom you never find in the church generally, are easily seen there during this time. That means, when it comes to festivals everyone becomes a little traditional, they start doing all those things which they hardly like to do. 

6. People Go And Meet Their Relative 

Holiday season remains the best time when people think about meeting their extended family members. This is the time when people try to strengthen their relationships with their relatives by spending some really amazing moments with them. When people meet each other they generally exchange gifts, which remind them of these stunning moments later on. 

Apart from visiting their relatives, people also tend to meet their neighbors and friends as well.

7. They Go Fishing

People also enjoy fishing during Christmas holidays, as they do not have to be bothered about other things. In fact, fishing is not the only activity which is enjoyed by them during this time, as they do all types of wild stuff.

Last but not the least, Christmas is celebrated with the same kind of enthusiasm in all over Australia as it is celebrated by the people in the city of Cairns.

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