10 Apr

Nature’s Blessing - The Great Barrier Reef

World’s renowned destination, The Great Barrier Reef is the most loved place for the people Australia. It is a highly desired place for the travelers seeking visiting sun and pristine beaches with a magical tropical setting surrounded by the natural life and colors.

Locate the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

You can have a visit to the Great barrier Reef along with having the tours to the Daintree Rainforest and Cairns. The place is located in northeast Queensland, off the coast of Australia and it is undoubtedly an amazing and most desired places to visit. It is often regarded among the natural wonders of the world. A World Heritage listed park in the location is considered as one of the most significant tropical holiday destinations in the world. The climate of the Great Barrier Reef is fantastic with white sandy beaches, a shimmering turquoise blue ocean and pristine native rainforests are enough to ensure its reputation as one of the best locations of Australia in which one would love to lie, snorkel, surf, beach, swim and sail. The area of the Great barrier Reef covers more than 300,000 square kilometers and the location is scattered with beautiful islands as well as idyllic coral reefs. The wildlife including whales, dolphins, green turtles, dugong, 1500 fish species, 200 bird species and 4000 types of mollusc abounds the area. There are more than 3000 reefs in the reef system ranging from a hectare to over 10,000 hectares in area. 

What makes it popular?

The Great Barrier Reef is a popular travel destination in Australia and it is clearly evident with the fact that it is visited by more than 2 Million people every year. Of course, it earns a major part of the Australian state of Queensland as a famous tourist destination. The tourists have a wonderful transportation system to the reef like to hire campervan in Brisbane and explore the natural wonders and life under water, including more than 500 commercial vessels available to them. Also the tourists are permitted to visit the place through nearly all the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Protection facilities are made available in some parts of the reef like the fishing restrictions in some areas and protecting particular animals like green turtles, dugong, dolphins, whales etc.

Country’s Natural Heritage

Most of the visitors value the beauty and diversity of the reef to witness is after all they visit. The contribution of the tourists, tour operators and government agencies coordinately works for developing the sustainable tourism approach to the long term. Though, it is a big challenge to maintain the marine and wildlife together with the natural reserves, still the Great Barrier Reef remains one of the natural wonders of the world. Here one can easily admit a rich environment of extraordinary natural beauty involving a diverse ecosystem and all this makes its conservation essential. This helps to maintain the reef really as a fantastic place to relax and enjoy the natural heritage of Australia.

Coral Reefs

The shallow warm water, light and salty water low in nutrients and the plenty of water movement have proved to be the ideal conditions for coral. Many different types of corals are found here, including the fastest growing corals, and the slower growing corals that are living for hundreds of years. All such reefs are sensitive to the climatic changes. The global environmental problem of global warming is also affecting them. However, it is still the most wonderful place for the nature lovers.

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