28 Jan

What’s Heating Up Perth This Summer 2014?

A dynamic, energetic and unique destination, Perth and its surrounds are a perfect place for summer holidays in Australia. Those who have visited the city at least once in recent times don’t find it surprising at all how city has made its name in ‘the top 52 places to go’ list of NY Times. Don’t believe me? Click here.From its bustling bar scenes, pristine blue waters, spectacular beaches, expansive parklands and an enchanting mix of cultural scenes to its world-class open arts festivals, the sunniest capital city of Australia, Perth portrays a relaxed outdoor lifestyle to its visitors.


Today, Perth embraces it all that is essential for an ideal holiday in Australia. Home to some of the country’s finest beaches, burgeoning nightlife, world-class dining places and best water excursions, Perth has marked its name as a must-see Australian destination.Sitting on the wildest stretch of the beautiful Swan River, Perth offers the best of coastal and inland experiences to its visitors from all around the world. Every year the city come up with many new events and delights for those looking for a beautiful escape to their everyday lives and want to make the most of the sunny summer days.

Following is a list of some major events that are set to heat up the capital city of WA (Western Australia) this summer season 2014.

Cavalia (4 December - 26 January)

A fresh blend of performing arts, multimedia and special effects, Cavalia is a wonderful tribute to the relationship between mankind and horses since ages, a though of freedom and harmony.

Movies by Burswood (9 December - 12 April)

Burswood Parklands’s McDonald Movies is a famous outdoor cinema of Perth. It’s quite a family-friendly and budget place.

Moonlight Cinema (11 December - 30 March)

At Kings Park’s Moonlight Cinema, you can enjoy the latest movie releases, contemporary classics films amidst the warm weather.

Sunset at Subi Concert Series (15 December - 23 February)

Sunset at Subi Concert Series are free community events embracing an amazing mix of themes and genres for people of all walks of the life.

Shakespeare in the Park (3 January - 1 February)

Spend evenings in Kings Park and botanical parks enjoying the Shakespeare's classic Twelfth Night. The show begins at 7pm, so make sure you are there on time!

City of Vincent Summer Concerts (13 January - 22 February)

You can enjoy many different types of music including Jazz, Blues, Ska, Hip Hop, Reggae, Urban, etc. at these concerts. The musical acts and bands keep changes every year, so they can cater to all types of music tastes.

Perth International Arts Festival (7 February - 1 March)

A glimpse to some of the world’s best international visual arts, film, dance, theatre, music, and literature fill the entire city with a pool of creative talent and amazing entertainment for people of all ages.Besides participating in these hot summer events, you can also buy a fully serviced campervan rental in Perth and go exploring the breathtaking surroundings of the city at your own pace.Visit Perth this summer holiday season 2014 and enjoy a wide range of events and festivals in and surrounding the city. You’re bound to find something to keep you and your travel companions entertained.

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