13 Jul

Travel Trends 2016: Facts & Predictions

As more and more people decide to travel with their families to tourist destinations in foreign countries, there is little doubt that the global travel and tourism industry is growing at an unimaginable rate. And considering the fact that we observe some sorts of breakthroughs or exciting new developments in tourism industry each year, will the same trend continue even in 2016, or will we experience something even more exciting this year, is what we are going to discuss in this post.

When it comes to measuring the growth of travel and tourism industry, factors like how often people travel, mode of transportation used by them, what kinds of hotels they prefer to stay at, what sorts of tourist destinations are chosen by them, and how crazy they are about shopping play a huge role.

Here Are Some Interesting Travel Trends That Continue in 2016.

  • Extensive Demand For Self-Drive Vehicles

As far as current travel trends are considered there is still an extensive demand for self-drive rental vehicles among both local and international tourists especially in countries like Australia and New Zealand. And when you talk about the demand for self-drive rental vehicles, campervans and motorhomes top the list. Since self-drive rental vehicles allow the tourists to enjoy maximum freedom and flexibility, they undisputedly remain their first choice as far as opting for a convenient mode of transport is concerned. Hiring a Motorhome remains a great option if you are heading off to a surprising and astonishing holiday spot with your family, wherein you can discover startling attractions even on the way.

If you want to hire self-drive rental vehicles in Australia, you always have the choice of contacting Aussie Campervans, as we offer top-notch campervans, 4WD, and motorhomes to our clients on tremendously low cost.

  • Budget Hotels Continue To Remain Popular Among Tourists

Finding a reliable accommodation in a foreign country or even within the native country remains a big concern for tourists, especially when they look for excellent facilities within their budget. And that’s the reason most of the tourists across the world go for budget hotels whenever they travel anywhere out of their town.

The global hotel industry is expected to make huge growth in 2016 which eventually indicates that way more people are expected to go on holiday trips this year.

  • Beaches And Natural Attractions Remain Famous Tourist Destinations

When it comes to selecting a perfect holiday destination, beaches, natural attractions, and historical places continue to remain famous among tourists across the globe. That’s because when people plan a holiday trip they want to spend some quality time on a peaceful place, which can offer them a unique experience which is way different from their monotonous life. Swimming, snorkeling, bird watching, cruising, hiking and shopping etc., remain popular activities among holidaymakers. In addition to that, tourists also enjoy gathering sufficient information about the history and culture of foreign countries.

  • Tourists Will Continue To Enjoy Outback Adventure

As far as 2016 is concerned, it is believed that outback adventure will be enjoyed by people across the world to a great extent. And considering the fact that Australia has some of the best places that offer unbelievable outback adventure to people, it will continue to attract a wide range of tourists.

That means most of the travel trends that you have observed in 2015, will continue even in 2016, and the best part is that the industry is expected to perform even better this year.

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