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Top 5 Unforgettable Tourist Destinations in Perth

When compared to other parts of Australia, Perth also has no dearth of tourist attractions. Being the capital city of Western Australia, Perth is densely packed with stunning places and things, which can easily take travelers’ breath away. Most of its suburbs are housed along the stunning sandy beaches, and a large part of its metropolitan area resides on the Swan Coastal Plain. The Swan Coastal Plan is nothing but a 30-km wide coastal strip that sits on the Indian Ocean coast. In order to give you a more clear picture of the location of Swan Coastal Plain, let me explain that it is located on the west of Darling Scarp.

Admiral James Stirling, who was a British naval officer is credited for founding Perth in the year 1829 as Swan River Colony’s administrative centre. He is well-known for being the first Governor of the state of Western Australia.

A major breakthrough in the history of Perth took place in the year 1929 when it was elevated to the status of a Lord Mayorality.

Towards the end of 19th century, the population of Perth started to increase rapidly all because of the gold rush in Western Australia. People started to migrate in Perth from other cities and towns of Australia because of Western Australian gold rush, which was accountable for generating huge income. The income generated through Western Australian gold rush was one of the reasons behind the rapid infrastructural development of the city.

When you choose Perth as your holiday destination, all you have to do is explore its exotic beaches, think about fishing & swimming, discover its rare wildlife, know more about its food and wine as well as art and culture. And in order to explore all these astonishing things, it would be really intelligent if you can book a 4WD rental in Perth and then go on and on discovering new things.

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Check out the List of Tourist Attractions which you can Explore in Perth

Perth Mint

Perth Mint, which was established in 1899, is nothing but Australia’s official bullion mint. Apart from Perth Mint, there were two other branches of UK’s Royal Mint in Australia which include Melbourne Mint and Sydney Mint. These branches were established in order to refine the gold, which used to come from gold rushes and then develop stunning sovereigns as well as half-sovereigns for the British Kingdom.

Today, Perth Mint is one of the largest producers of gold in the world. Its primary function is to produce all types of Official Australian Gold as well as Silver Bullion Coins. In addition, to that, the Perth Mint also produces both gold and silver bullion bars. Believe me or not but this particular place offers distinctive attractions and unique exhibitions to tourists.

What the best you can do is take a guided tour and explore how cold coins and bars are created.

Explore Kings Park and Botanic Garden

The Kings Park and Botanic Garden is truly one of the best places to explore in Perth. The park lies on approximately 1000 acres of land and gives stunning vistas of the Swan River as well as the Darling Range. Considering the fact that the Kings Park and Botanic Garden is located at the heart of the Perth city, it becomes quite convenient for tourists to visit this place.

The park is mostly covered with unique trees, plants and birds etc. It is actually dedicated to preserving all kinds of plants which are found in Mediterranean climates.

Discover the Beauty of Swan River

The beautiful Swan River which flows through different parts of the city is a unique natural attraction in itself. The native people (local Aboriginals) of the city used to believe that, this amazing river is created by ‘Waugal’- the rainbow serpent. For most of the people in Perth as well as for the tourists, this winding river remains a perfect place to have fun with family and friends. There are lots of riverside parks, which usually remain the perfect picnic destination for people.

Explore the Beaches

There are numerous stunning beaches in and around the city of Perth, wherein each one is more beautiful than the other. And some of these famous beaches that you can explore in Perth include Leighton Beach, City Beach, Cottesloe Beach, Swanbourne Beach and Scarborough Beach etc.

Perth Zoo

The Perth Zoo, which remains open every day from 9AM in the morning to 5PM in the evening, is really a must-visit place in the city. The Zoo that was established in 1898 gives a chance to visitors to explore the unique wildlife of Australia. You can find koalas, wombats, kangaroos, and wallabies etc., in the zoo.

There are many more tourist attractions in Perth apart from those which are mentioned in this blog.

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