11 Jan

Tips To Travel In A Campervan With Kids

With international travels halted, hiring a campervan for a road trip in Perth is the go-to family holiday in this “new normal”. Our campervan hire services in Perth offers several options for choosing the perfect home on wheels for your friends, family, or travel partners. While a campervan trip sounds “easy and free”, there are certain important aspects to consider if you are traveling with children.

Travel with kids

Choosing the Right Vehicle

Choosing the right campervan is essential for a smooth and easy trip. Aside from making sure that the vehicle can accommodate Australian Standard child safety seats (if needed), there are various factors to consider as you choose a motorhome for your family.

Things to consider:

1. Space - A family of 4 may consider a 6 berth motorhome to have the convenience of permanently set up beds and dinette.

2. Shower and toilet - Many parents travelling with young children find it crucial to have a shower and toilet on board.

3. Entertainment - Would you like a TV and DVD player to keep the kids occupied while you drive?

4. Layout - Where are the kids sitting? Are they right behind you or are they all the way at the rear end of the vehicle (separated by the living area)? Many parents find a “walk-through” layout essential so they can tend to their kids without getting off the vehicle.

5. Driving - Are you comfortable driving a big motorhome? Do you need a vehicle with a reverse camera or cruise control?

6. Campsite requirements - If you have already decided on a campsite, make sure the length and width of the vehicle fits your allocated spot.

7. Storage - sometimes it is just impossible to travel light with kids. Make sure your motorhome has space for all your luggage. (Tip: Pack soft bags instead of hard suitcases)

Reach out to our team at Aussie Campervans for valuable advice on the best vehicle that suits the family. With more than 16 years of experience, our team will help you choose a vehicle that caters to your personal needs.

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Making pit-stops regularly

Kids getting bored is an unavoidable situation in long hours of driving. And the last thing you want distracting your driving is a fussy whining kid. Making a stop every now and then gives everyone a break. This hack can be a lifesaver. Parents can grab a cuppa and stretch out a little while the little ones can grab a snack. 

Experienced parents have shared that making a pit-stop every two to three hours works well for their trip. Many also suggest that the best time to travel is when the kids are napping, during the early hours in the morning, or in the late evenings. Plan according to your child’s routine to avoid lethargic and energy crashes which leads to crankiness.

Carrying their favorite items

A new environment may make it difficult for children to rest and sleep. Familiar items like their favourite cuddle toy or blanket make a huge difference for them. Even though it is best to pack light when traveling in a campervan, these items should stay on the “important” list.

Their favourite book, toy or board games will also come in handy should the weather force everyone to stay indoors. If your child loves biking, be sure to check out the vehicles that can accommodate bike racks.

Booking a good campsite

One of the commonly asked questions is - can we park and spend the night anywhere?

The simple answer is NO. Depending on the local council regulations, campings are mostly only permitted in designated places like a campsite.

The next question then is - how do we find campsites along our itinerary?

Mobile apps such as Campermate or Wikicamps would be your best go-to. You can use them to search for campgrounds, facilities and attractions all around Australia.

Most paid campgrounds will come with general facilities such as powered sites, communal bathrooms and a kitchen. Some higher-end ones would have a BBQ area, swimming pool and tennis court etc. To make your trip cost-effective, make sure you book a site that suits your purpose. If you are only going to spend the night, avoid booking parks with extra amenities such as a swimming pool.

Tip: Pre-booking ahead is strongly recommended for peak seasons such as school holidays and the Christmas and Easter period.

Hunter Valley

Last but not least, this general parenting advice is crucial especially while traveling in a campervan. It can be quite tricky and tedious to spend a high number of hours with your kids in a confined space. But hey, that’s also the whole point about having a road trip - to spend quality time together.

A useful mindset is to anticipate “chaos” and embrace “chaos”. Anticipate the spillages and mess and pack extra cleaning cloths. Anticipate last-minute weather changes, so keep your eyes peeled on the weather forecast to pack the right clothing. Anticipate that damages can happen to the vehicle even when it’s not your fault (i.e a chipped windscreen). So make sure you have the right insurance cover for peace of mind. And last but not least, anticipate that you can never prepare enough and accept that problem solving will be part of the trip. When you have a calm mind, you can be more creative and resourceful as you face challenges.

If you are a first-time family traveler, we understand how daunting it can be. Fear not as our friendly motorhome experts are here to help and our assistance is free. To reach out, give us a call at 03 9317 4991 or email us at [email protected]

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