13 Jun

Three Favorite Things in Perth vs Melbourne

Australia is a huge country that offers exciting and intriguing features throughout the expanse of its area. No matter which part you are in there are a ton of fun-filled activities like hiking, underground art scenes, scenic beaches, heritage sites, museums, and wineries. Let’s discuss some of the most favorite things you can partake in Perth as well as Melbourne. These amusing activities and places can be discovered by hiring a motorhome in Perth or exploring the cities at your own pace.

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Three distinct yet unique attractions - Perth Vs Melbourne

1. Hire motorhome and head for a road trip

The country is known for having some of the best hiking trails and road trip destinations. For example, the road leading to the Great Barrier Reefs, one of the seven wonders of the world, from Cairns is itself a sight to behold.

Perth: This part of the country offers some splendid options to hit the road and visit some great nearby as well as far away destinations. It is always a great idea to hire a motorhome in Perth and visit the Albany loop if there is a long weekend or head down the Esperance loop if you can spare a week or so. Both offer gorgeous beaches, scenery, and dining options that can be enjoyed with your family or a group of friends.

Melbourne: Moving from Western Australia to Victoria, we see a similar trend of vacationing through a road trip to get out of the town and explore, even if it is for a few days. Melbourne has some amazing national parks and reservoirs that are perfect to visit while traveling in a motorhome like Sugarloaf reservoir park in Yarra Glen or Grampians National Park. These make for a perfect weekend getaway.

2. Wine and dine to your heart’s content

Both Perth and Melbourne have a lot to serve when it comes to delicacies and places that admire and encourage the food industry./

Perth: Swan valley is one of the most favorite places to visit when you want to experience the mastery and science that happens in the winery industry. The vineyards hold exclusive wine-tasting events that are bound to give your tastebuds a joyous experience. 

Melbourne: There is a well-established fact that Melbourne has the best coffee worldwide. Along with some of the finest coffee, Victoria has some awesome fine dining restaurants like Lobster Cave and Richmond Oysters that have the freshest of the fresh seafood prepared by world-renowned chefs.

3. Shop till you drop

Shopping is an activity that can explain a lot about a place. The markets exhibit culture, trends, and a perfect solution to make an uneventful evening interesting.

Perth: We can find some a ton of local markets like London court, which is a three and four-level open shopping arcade filled with intricate shops that offer a great escape from the hustle-bustle of the city. Other alternatives for shopping can Frest chase and Carillon city.


Melbourne: Similarly, we can find a plethora of shopping streets that can convert any individual into a shopaholic because of the variety of items sold there. Chapel street stands to be one of the oldest street shopping avenues along with several other quirky spots like Queen Victoria Market and Brunswick street that pacify all your shopping fantasies.

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