25 Jun

The Perfect Winter Escapes in North Queensland

Winters are those times of the year when you should plan a lovely trip with your family and head out on an hair-raising or exciting journey to your favorite holiday destination. Being an Australian, or even an international holidaymaker, it’s better to explore those perfect winter escapes in North Queensland including the city of Cairns and the beautiful places surrounding it, if you really want to get the most out of your trip.

North Queensland is a kind of place which is totally packed with exciting holiday destinations, and by hiring four-wheel in Cairns to discover them according to your convenience will only add an extra touch of adventure to your trip.

The tranquil weather, beautiful trees, exciting wildlife, and interesting beaches of North Queensland will definitely make this winter trip an unforgettable holiday experience in your life. Until and unless you truly land up in this place and experience the beauty of North Queensland in winter, you will never be able to get the real feel of it.

Check Out The Winter Escapes In North Queensland-

See What The Great Barrier Reef Can Offer You In The Winter Season

If you are talking about North Queensland, you cannot forget to discuss the adventure and excitement offered by the legendary Great Barrier Reef to the visitors. If you are someone who loves photography, then the Great Barrier Reef can prove to be that ultimate destination for you, wherein you can click mesmerizing photos on the beaches and capture the captivating marine life in those pictures. Apart from that, if you love exploring the waters you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming here for getting that truly adventurous experience.

Uncover The Enchanting Beaches Of North Queensland

Whitehaven beach

The one thing that you must know is that North Queensland is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in Australia and hence you must make it a point to discover most of them during your winter trip. Considering the fact that beaches such as Four Mile beach, Cape Tribulation beach, Mission beach, Whitehaven beach and Airline beach are truly beautiful, if you fail to explore them, you will surely be missing a whole lot of things during your holidays in North Queensland.

Go For a Hike In Daintree Rainforest

Whether you know it or not, but the Daintree Rainforest offers the holidaymakers with some of the most interesting and adventurous hiking trails in the world. You can hike a few miles in the Daintree Rainforest and get the opportunity to explore amazing natural views offered by it.

Located on the north east coast of Queensland, it is one of the most beautiful tropical rainforest areas in the world and is home to a range of unique trees and plants. Besides, the Daintree Rainforest will also allow you to discover a wide range of unique birds, frogs, reptiles and variety of other types of wild animals.

Lakefield National Park

Once you are in the North Queensland, you must make it sure to visit all the interesting national parks in the region, which include Lakefield National Park, The Lamington National Park, Black Mountain National Park and Wooroonooran National Park etc. All these are iconic places when it comes to exploring the beauty of nature and getting connected to it. When you visit these places make it sure that you are effectively equipped with all the necessary requirements such as trekking shoes, comfortable clothes, and backpacks full of edibles, so that whenever you feel hungry, you don’t have to look for a restaurant straight away.

Explore The Gulf Country

The Gulf Country is one of the most amazing places in the North Queensland, as it is blessed with the striking beauty of savanna grassland that attracts a wide range of tourist to this place every year. Driving yourself to the Gulf Savannah, which is home to a variety of breathtaking natural attractions would be a highly interesting activity to carry out in North Queensland, during your trip. One you are here, you will get an opportunity to explore mind-blowing gorges and interesting lava tubes and that will make your journey a truly memorable one. June to September remains the best time to explore this part of Australia.

All the places mentioned above are truly the best places in the North Queensland which can be discovered by the holidaymakers in winters.

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