09 Mar

Sydney - Australia's Hippest City

Thinking of visiting an Australian travel destination this year? How about visiting the hip city of Sydney? It is the most popular and most visited metropolis of the country.

Sydney is a melting point of many different cultures, and home to many world-class restaurants, bars, clubs, and galleries creating breathtaking scenes that spellbind any visitor arriving in the city and draw them again and again.

The travellers to Sydney are swept away in a flurry of fashion, food and culture. As Sydney has numerous tourist attractions, narrowing down the top things to do and see while on Sydney tour is a challenging job.

In this post, we have discovered top 30 things to do in Sydney with campervan rental services to suit all tastes and budgets. Let’s dive in.

1. Enjoy surfing at Bondi

Bondi is the most iconic and popular beach of Sydney. And it’s a perfect place for visitors who want to learn surfing from the beginning. 

2. Go Kayaking Middle Harbour

Sydney harbour is one of the muse-see sights of the country. But when you explore it on a kayak caz, you will find another face of it which is calm, serene and very natural. 

3. Take a stroll on the harbour bridge

You may opt to take a walk across the bridge either in dawn, twilight or night hours, and soak up its panoramic views. It will be certainly an unforgettable experience of your tour. Active travellers may also opt to climb the Harbour Bridge.

4. Coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee

If you want to learn the unsung stories of Sydney, go on this coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee. It’s a scenic walk and a perfect day-out idea. You will pass through a plethora of coves and beaches on your way. You may stop by a café to eat or drink.

5. Plan a sensational bush tour of northern beaches

Arrive in North Head of Manly for heart-stopping and distinctive views of the Sydney’s skyline. Enjoy bushwalking tours to stunning northern beaches of Sydney.

6. Take in the touristy delights of Hyde Park

It is oldest park of the country and a famous weekend escape of Sydney locals who seek some fresh air and large green landscape in their free time. The park houses many statues, monuments, and nature’s wonders. In summer, the park turns up into a hotspot of outdoor excursions.

7. Please your sweet tooth at Harry’s Cafe De Wheels

Harry’s Café de Wheels is an iconic sweet shop of Sydney offering best pasties, pies, hot dogs and much more to the famous celebs, tourists and locals of the city.

8. Capture the snaps from Tall Ship Cruise

Board a tall ship cruise and tuck into fresh sea food and a glass of champagne with traditional Australian folk music running in background while touring the Sydney Harbour. And don’t forget to capture the beautiful views in your camera!

9. Ride a campervan to Royal National Park

Book campervan rentals Sydney online before you arrive in the city to make the most of your holiday time. Home to picturesque coastal cliffs, Eucalyptus woodlands and temperate rainforest, the Royal National Park is just an hour drive from the city centre. 

10. Chew in Chinatown

Even if you are not fond of Chinese food, which is usually not possible, paying a visit to Chinatown is strongly recommended. In addition to Chinese, you will also find other Asian cuisines including Thai, Malaysian, Cambodian, and Vietnamese at much affordable prices.

Now hand’s up guys, who’s going to visit Sydney?

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