13 Nov

Secret Revealed for the Best Travel Experiences in Red Centre

Alice springs, the most visited town of Northern Territory in Australia, is the heart of the outback in the country. If you are planning to visit NT for the first time, here are some locals’ secret that will help you explore the best of region has on offer. Read on.

Experience the aboriginal culture and art at Uluru

You might have seen many stunning images of Uluru on the web or in someone’s phone, but this actually don’t prepare for your first glimpse of the iconic red rock formations surrounded by the desert dunes. Uluru is the crown jewel of the outback of the country, yet many don’t know that it is also the most sacred place for the aboriginal people called Anangu.


As you continue exploring, you will find the fascinating historical footprints of the Aboriginal Tjukurpa creation stories of many centuries ago. The light show at Uluru will bring into notice the many different moods of the Uluru rock. The sunrise and sunset views of the rock are a major highlight of all tours to Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park.

Local’s secret – If you want to enjoy a unique and beautiful sunrise, reach the sunset viewing area when the park opens.

Step into the prehistoric land of the King’s Canyon

Though not put on the commercial radar by tour operators, Watarrka, or King’s Canyon, is an unforgettable journey in the past. Head down to the top and you will see shear walls built before 300 million years. Sunrise is the best time to explore the Canyon and experience the main rim walk in cool morning hours.

Local’s Secret – For the most stunning views of a King’s Canyon sunrise, walk 40 minutes from atop the rim towards an off-the-track yet prehistoric Cotterill’s lookout; this will get you watch the first ray of sunrise on the historical land; you will need to wake up a bit earlier in the morning though.

Tattersall’s Finke Desert Race

Affectionately called as ‘Finke’ by the locals, it is a one-of-its-kind and outstanding experience of outback. This race in the red sand is one of the biggest and most popular sport events of NT. It is held in honour of Queen’s birthday in June every year. You are advised to book your campervan hire Alice Springs in advance so you don’t face the ‘sold out’ scenarios. After the sunset, the fever of race shifts to the carnival mood. You can also partake in campfire and partying to have fun.

Local’s Secret – If you want to feel the real Finke desert race experience, go for camping at trackside.

Sleep under the stars at Devils Marbles

John McDouall Stuart was the first person and explorer to cross from south to north in Australia. If you want to experience his journey, head down to the Devils Marbles, found off the Stuart Highway, and spend at least 24 hours to capture both sunset and sunrise of the outback marbles.

Local’s Secret – Have you ever experienced sleeping under the milky way? Arrive at the campsite of the Devil’s Marbles and see how it feels sleeping under the twinkling stars with your beloved ones.

If you desire to explore the real wilderness and cultural scenes of the region, Campervan Rental Alice Springs is the answer. Book your choice of campervan and leverage the ultimate freedom and flexibility while on the road. Go camping folks!

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