18 Nov

Perth – Enjoy Swimming in the Lap of the Nature

Living like a local in Perth

Want to peep into the laid-back lifestyle of the locals of the capital and largest city of the state of Western Australia? Read on.

For those not aware, Perth is one of the most secluded cities in the world. However, the metropolis of Australia is home to some of the most spectacular beaches of the country. It features scenic landscapes and nature’s scenery that never fail to take its visitors breath away.

Besides its extensive range of natural attractions, it has soothing climate and welcoming vibes of locals that play crucial role in making it one of the most visited Australian holiday destinations. The city draws in tourists from all across the globe.

You are bound to think no more of any other typical tourist trails once you arrive in the city of Perth. This post will show you how you can live like a local, and explore all the city has on offer.

Go outside the City

Of course there are lots of fun activities to do within Perth itself, but you can first buy a good motorhome rental service in Perth and drive your van to the southern part of the city which is home to a famous sight called Freemantle; it is a dynamic and bustling place which is perfect to stroll around on foot.

However, train is also a great way to get around the city; a train will take no more than thirty minutes to reach Freo. Upon your arrival, you will enjoy visiting the local markets, strolling around the streets of the composers, and you may get a chance to witness one of the festivals of this charming western Australian town.

Rottenest Island is a popular hangout place of the locals. it is also an ideal place for travel enthusiasts who are looking for an escape to serenity or privacy. Much popular all across the country, this island is home to numerous secret beaches displaying heavenly beauty of the nature.

Visit the mainland village of the island to try one of its local dishes or enjoy watching peacocks in search of tidbits as similar to pigeons. You will also find a creature named ‘Quokka’ on the mainland of this island. It looks like a funny combination of a kangaroo and a rat.

Discover your taste of Beach

Laying on the warm sand of one of the finest beaches of the country is one of a favourite spare time activities of the local of the Perth. The shimmering soft sand and glittering pristine waters of the beaches of this Australian city will certainly make you fall in love with the place. While Cottesloe is one of the most visited beaches of the city, you may explore the city on own and find a beach that best reflects your taste.

Nightlife Scenes

The buzzing or liveliness of the city doesn’t stop with the sun set. Rather, the nightlife scenes are more exciting and interesting, if you enjoy Australian drinks and music. Find a good bar near to your hotel and mingle with the locals or other travellers like you!

Best Eats

Though restaurants and cafes dotted all across the city are not much affordable, there are many eateries where you can have some great local cuisines at quite cheap prices. Don’t forget to try the crab balls while here.

So, what’s stopping you now? A tourist paradise of Perth is calling you!

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