20 Jun

Melbourne's 5 Beautiful Gardens under Wraps

The Not-so-popular yet pretty gardens of Melbourne

Carry a blanket, one of your favourite books or a magazine and drive your way to one of the below listed charming gardens, or perhaps the little sanctuaries. Once arrived, enjoy the lure of the sun on your skin, the pleasant smell of the spring in the air, and take deep breathe to grow heartily in that honeysuckle.

5 Secret Gardens of Melbourne

The System Garden

The System Garden located at the University of Melbourne isn’t like other recreational gardens. Originated in 1856, this garden is designed in context to a distinctive evolutionary system of classifications.

The original remnants of the garden such as brickwork, paving and a central tower are now a part of university’s botany school, so that the beauty of the garden can be maintained extremely carefully in the right manner by horticulturalists.

It can be a great spot to enjoy serenity and explore the nature’s diversity in form of plants, shrubs and trees. It is a place where you can sit under a 150 year old tree and let yourself unwind it.

Heronswood Garden

Heronswood Garden

Drive your four-wheels in south of Melbourne for almost an hour and a few minutes more and you will reach at Heronswood Garden – the first garden of the country that got certified as organic garden. I would recommend you to book your motorhome in Melbourne online before your arrival, so you can pick up your van upon your arrival and leave for the journey on road.

The garden runs various classes and workshops who don’t mind spending some time to truly appreciate the botanical beauty of the garden. And don’t miss to pay a visit to the Fork to Fork restaurant while here; it mostly serves the seasonal dishes.

The Garden of St Erth

St Erth is a historical garden whose upkeep is handled by the enthusiastic green thumbs. It is located in the Wombat State Forest near Blackwood and the major highlight of the garden is its perennials. 

However, visiting this garden isn’t all about seeing heirloom vegetables, drought-tolerant flowers and aspired fruit, but you can also watch native birds or beat the summer heat in a natural rick pool.

In March, the garden portrays a colourful display celebrating the autumn season. And in September, the entire garden area gets covered embellished by thousands of naturalised daffodils. It indeed is a garden for all seasons.

The Ian Potter Foundation

The Ian Potter Foundation

If you are travelling Melbourne with kids, you must take them to this exclusive children’s garden where they can swim in the lap of the nature and channel their passion for the plants. The garden also features nature sculptures, calming water structures, winding paths and many hidden gems.

William Ricketts Sanctuary

Situated on Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd in Dandenong National Park, this forest sanctuary is home to eye-catching clay sculptures that showcase the love of indigenous Australians to their Aboriginal culture.

So, when are you travelling to Melbourne? Book your campervan in advance and pamper your soul by visiting these heavenly beautiful gardens upon arrival.

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