12 May

Melbourne to Sydney - A Coastal Drive

Melbourne - An amazing and fabulous place to explore, Winter for 11 months and summer for 5 months of the year. In our opinion, the weather of Melbourne makes it more humble and fantastic, Australia’s best city. The amazing venues of the great live music to explore in the country. On the other hand, Sydney is the most attractive destination especially when it comes to exploring the coastal drive, delicious cuisine on both sides of the border. But what if you get the best combination of the journey from Melbourne to Sydney and an opportunity to explore Victorian and New Wales Coasts. Campervan Rental Melbourne can be your right choice to convert your plannings and ideas into reality.

Let’s Enjoy a Mini-Vacation by Hiring Campervan From Melbourne


Explore Different Coast Drive Attractions

Renting a campervan in Melbourne will help you to tribute your journey who delivers enough attractions and gastronomic pleasures along the route which will fill your journey full of joy and happiness. This road trip from Melbourne to Sydney will offer an enticing experience and lovely taste of regions such as Victoria’s East Gippsland, Sapphire Coast near New South Wales, and many more. Even Wild National Parks like Croajingolong in Ben Boyd, near Eden will draw your dramatic attention. Rental Campervan will easily give you an opportunity to explore many attractive places like Coastal Lakes in Gippsland, Inland Waterway, Unspoilt beaches, and many more.

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Unmissable Destination to Explore Between Melbourne & Sydney

1. Phillip Island

Not much far from Melbourne, Phillip Island is the best destination to explore. This place will greet you with the vast beauty of nature, appreciating the touristy facilities, you will find Penguin Hike & Penguin Parade. Phillip Island also offers you a fantastic view of coastal walks to hang out with your love birds.

2. 90 Mile - Flamingo Beach

This one of the favorite places for visitors while doing a coastal drive between Melbourne & Sydney. The beach that is a 90-mile stretch is the part known as Flamingo Beach. There is no end to this beach, you will find endless beauty of nature in all directions. The sea and sand are so pure which makes you realize that you are roaming on a tropical island somewhere.

3. Price Highway - The Great Alpine Road

A journey from Melbourne to Sydney like a free soul can be fantastic when a rental Campervan will help you to explore the views on route to Sydney and definitely you will not gonna’ miss this site of Prince Highway at any cost. The Great Alpine Road will definitely offer it's the most fabulous beauty to see and those are small towns, villages, and their culture. It will give you an amazing feeling of the entire time. Afterward, you will find the best coastal beauty with the name of The Great Ocean Road.

4. Sea Cliff Bridge

Possibly the most iconic thing to do is roaming on Sea Cliff Bridge Between Melbourne and Sydney. It is the most beautiful and fabulous place to explore. Especially for drone owners. It is also famous for its unique scenes of spot drive over the bridge and place for park up in the middle of the town. There is a popular “Gramable spot” perfect for exploring and watching out the hidden rock pools over there. 

5. Narooma

If you are the nature lover and also love to explore wildlife on earth then Narooma is one of the best exotic places to watch out. It is around 300-400 Km away from Sydney, It is the same as you drive off of Prince Highway roaming through the fishing town. Narooma is located near a little harbor space filled with yachts, boats, and many other things. Even the mountain backdrop makes it more fabulous and beautiful. You will definitely admire and appreciate the beauty of nature, locals, and their regular culture. 

6. Wilson Prom

Wilson Prom is one of the Squeaky beaches you should explore. You will find so many fantastic places to visit like Spot Wombat as wildlife walks, Sand Dunes, and the most popular place - Southerly Point of Mainland Australia.

This place is known as the heaven of wildlife. Wilson’s Prom is an explorative place especially when it comes to watching out - Wild Wombat. Not only, would it be the perfect place to walk but also you will get the beautiful opportunity to explore the Aussie classics wildlife and nature such as Emu, Snakes & Roos. After Animal spot, having a coastal drive further to Squeaky Beach is the most captivating and attractive place to explore. It is the best beach that comes alive when to step onto it to enjoy and cherish the best moments.

So, Once you hire a Campervan in Melbourne, Providers will help you to explore these places by offering a great coastal drive experience between Melbourne to Sydney.

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