16 Aug

How does camping affect social, mental and physical wellbeing

The outdoors has proven to be beneficial for children as well as adults for a very long time. With the upcoming technologies that make everything so readily available at home, going outside has become a rarely occurring event. The plush greenery and the serene lakes can have a highly positive impact on one’s persona.

Here are a few reasons why you should plan a break, hire a campervan, and set camp in the beautiful place that you have bookmarked in your bucket list.

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Camping offers precious experiences

As the depression, anxiety, and addiction rates are on the rise among the adolescents, there is a dire need to inculcate the spirits of nature within them to help them heal. A majority of the youth has engaged in relational aggression or various other socially damaging practices like bullying. In such conditions hiring a campervan in Adelaide can prove to be beneficial for them as it offers several beautiful road trips and destinations to act as an intervention to improve social skills, relationships, and the overall wellbeing of the individual.

Improves physical health

This one is a given. The mere aspect of living on camping grounds for a few days entails activities that are bound to exhaust you physically and burn some calories. You can choose to walk, hike or jog on the mountain trails, engage in adventurous activities like scuba diving, bungee jumping, or river rafting, all of which are bound to pump up your heart rate and boost your circulation. Opting for cycling uphill and back can also serve as a fun thing to do with your friends or family while out camping.

Not to mention, all the natural air with an ample supply of Vitamin D wholeheartedly taken up by your body automatically rejuvenated the bodily functions and uplifts your physical vibrations. When you are out in the wilderness you are guaranteed to have a sound sleep which will in turn result in having extra energy throughout the day and eliminate any residual physical stress.

Have genuine social interactions

Campervan and motorhome parking grounds can serve as a great avenue for knowing and meeting new people and making friends with fellow campers as well as hikers that you may meet along the way. Exchanging your camping experiences and building a bond of togetherness through common activities. The outdoors serves as a noise-free environment where you can leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and enjoy the calmness of the surrounding. Learning to build social relationships other than through digital screens. Taking some time off from the virtual world, let go of the screens and connect to the green space. Hiring a campervan can be the best way to unhinge from devices and find real-connections without any distractions.

Reduce mental stress

Demanding jobs or studying relentlessly for a long time are bound to fry up the brain. Camping and reconnecting with nature can help unwind yourself mentally. With the surrounding being pure, the serotonin level increases producing a happy and content feeling. This helps overcome any residual stress, anxiety, or depressing thoughts. Several surveys and research has demonstrated that Australians who go camping are comparatively optimistic and filled with energy and describe their time in the wilderness using words such as love, time, and family. Be it at a beach or a mountainside, you can discover new places with your loved ones and enjoy a stress-free time to replenish your mind. 

Finally, get packing and rid yourself from the cabin fever

Taking a road trip or going camping can be extremely helpful to uplift your spirits. Look for appropriate dates, compose a checklist of destinations, and book a campervan immediately. This generation needs to get in the habit and practice of loving nature through actual appreciation and not just through books and pictures.

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