10 Oct

Get Around Hobart – A Liveable, Wonderful Australian Metropolis

Hobart, a buzzing and stylish metropolis and capital city of Tasmanian state of Australia, attracts a herd of travellers every year with its rich cultural heritage and jaw-dropping natural scenery complemented by delicious food and top-quality drinks.

This second-oldest city and southernmost capital of the country is not too big in geography, yet it features a whole bunch of travel experiences that makes it a perfect holiday gateway for travellers of all types and tastes. Besides its food and drinks, this Australian city is also world-known for its hip-hop festivals.

Hobart holidays

How to get there?

If you are a domestic traveler, there are many flights from Melbourne to Hobart and the time it would take to leave you in the Tasmanian capital is about 1 hour. Upon your airport, you will find that the city is in close proximity from its airport. So, you can start exploring this small and beautiful Tasmanian city from the moment you leave the exit terminal of the airport.

However, if you are an international traveler, you can’t get direct flight to Hobart from your country. Instead you will have to land to another major city like Sydney and Melbourne first and then you can board into a domestic flight to Hobart. For adventure travellers, waterways from Melbourne to Tasmania or campervan ride are better options to reach the Tasmania capital in style and in budget.

Top Attractions of Hobart

As said earlier, the harbour city of Tasmania, Hobart is mainly famous for its food and wine. But it has a lot more to discover including the beautiful natural landscapes, colonial heritage and art. Regardless of what makes it a perfect holiday experience for you, the city has something special for every visitor. Its relaxed climate and lively locals makes it one of most beautiful places to live in the country.

There are a lot of places within and surrounding the city where you can enjoy adventure excursions such as camping, hiking, bike riding, bushwalking, sailing and fishing. For art aficionados, there are plenty of cultural scenes and artists worth exploring during their trip to Hobart.

The abundance of water, a leisurely pace or lifestyle and soothing weather throughout the year are major assets of the city that attracts travellers all year round. the Salamanca Market in Hobart symbolizes its popularity as the hub of excellent food and wine in Australia. The bars, cafes and restaurants across this market alongside the waterfront region of the city highlight the best of region’s produce.

What is the best way to get around the city?

If you are visiting the city during summer or winter, you get an opportunity to experience the festivity in the air by participating in one of its cultural festivals. These days, tourism business in Hobart is booming and so as the demand of campervan rentals.

If you too want to move around this Australian city in great style and comfort, explore Hobart from Campervan. Book your rental campervan in Hobart well before you reach the city and plan a road trip to Port Arthur as well as many other popular holiday spots in Tasmania.

Happy Holidaying!

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