13 Apr

Explore Australia's Pearl Capital - Broome

Broome is based in an outback town on the coastline of the Indian Ocean; northwest of Australia. It is counted as a good settlement in Kimberley region and has increasingly become a popular tourist destination for tourists across the globe. The popularity of this region is vastly due to the unique history, cultural influences and the magnificent landscapes and beaches spread across it. Moreover, the tropical climate of this region is also fantastic from the tourism perspective.

Evolution of the Pearl Capital


As Broome is based amongst the Sandy Desert, azure Indian Ocean and white sands based in Cable beach, it is mostly referred to as a gateway to Kimberly. The existence of Broome is credited to Roebuck Bay's discovery in the year 1861 which is considered as the biggest pearl shell around the globe. The news regarding the presence of these oyster shells which are giant in shape, spread like fire and the pearl divers from all continents rushed to Broome for making a fortune. These included the Chinese, Japanese and Malaysians. Though this is considered dangerous, the quest for finding such good quality pearls is rewarding. Even today, the pearl industry in Broome produces pearls of finest quality.

Traveling through Broome

When you are in Broome, one thing that you need to ensure is arranging proper travel modes. One aspect that I personally suggest is to avail Campervan service in Broome. These offer a comfortable experience while you enjoy your ride through the beautiful surroundings of Broome. You will simply love the ride due to the sheer comfort and ease of traveling in a campervan.

You need to remember one thing, whenever people are on vacation, the primary intention is to forget the worries of work and other such pressures and enjoy life to the fullest. Along with enjoyment, you need a relaxing environment to spend quality time with your family or friends. Using the campervan for traveling in Broome will provide you just that. Rather than renting some car, it is better to hire a campervan and enjoy your journey.

Along with being the pearl capital, Broome is full of other amusement activities for all tastes and age groups. You can begin your tour with a leisure stroll along the Cable Beach and view the wide stretch of white pristine sand that overlooks the Indian Ocean. If lucky, you can also witness the tidal movement here. With the sun setting down, you can enjoy a relaxing drink while witnessing the sunset.

Other Attractions

The vibrant sandstone cliff spills of Gantheaume Point are ones to witness. You can see year old footprints of dinosaurs when the tide is low. Along with this, visit China town which once was the hub for dealers of pearl shells. This place is full of entertainment houses, billiard saloons, Chinese eating joints and colourful showrooms of pearls. You can also find opportunities to understand about the pearling history of this region and visit a pearl farm.

I conclude with stressing on the point of hiring a campervan for travel in Broome. Make your journey memorable and get enchanted with the fascinating beauty of this pearl capital.

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