23 Jul

Experience Some Thrilling Road Trips through Western Australia

Fun and adventure is in my blood! My pursuit of sheer thrill has driven me towards catching up with some of the most exciting road trips across the country. Western Australia (WA) is a land of paradoxes which can be best explored on a classic road trip. If you have kids, road trips in Western Australia make family travelling even more fun, exciting and cost effective. 

Motorhome rental Perth makes the trip even more flexible and this is one reason that I often set off on creating memories with my family, driving a comfy and luxury motorhome or campervan through the roads of Western Australia. If you love adventure and thrill, I have put together some most exciting road trips through Western Australia for you. Read on.

Road trip

Perth to Hyden

You drive about 3 to 4 hours from Perth center and there is a desert town along the road called ‘Hyden’. However, the major highlight of the place is its sea wave rock; this was the reason I headed to this town during my first trip to WA. I spent about two days in Hyden and Wave Rock, and I must admit it was great fun. The rock is so giant in size, 110 meters length and 15 meters height, and looks similar to an ocean wave. Quite huge, isn’t it?

Perth to Albany

This 6 day travel itinerary will make you explore the amazing diversity of southwest region of WA, which is home to picturesque wineries, forests and spectacular coastline. The pleasant climate and lots of sunshine make it a perfect destination for relaxing holidays. And of course, such weather is excellent for grapes too.

Step aboard your motorhome rental Perth and head down to south exploring the wineries and ocean waves of Margaret River. Once you hit the road in Pemberton and Walpole, next on your way will come some of the nation’s finest forests. En route, you will find many stunning beaches worth a stop-over. Then, keep driving to the charming coastal town of Albany, a perfect base for water based sports.

Perth to Exmouth

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