09 Nov

Discover Striking Places While Traveling From Sydney To Melbourne

All those people who were lucky enough to get an opportunity to go on a long road trip anywhere in the world must have a clear idea about how stunning and amusing these trips are. However, rest of the people, who have just heard of such trips can’t ever imagine what these trips are all about.

People who go for long road trips not only enjoy quality time with their family members but also get amazing opportunities to learn a variety of things. Such trips improve your potential to adjust to the new environment and to familiarize yourself with the new cultures. You also get tremendous opportunities to meet new people and to spend amazing moments with them. All those people whom you meet on the way, are the best sources of getting required information about that particular area. 

On top of that road trips are very useful if you want to boost your geographical knowledge. Once you reach home after successfully completing your road trip, you will realize that you have become a really knowledgeable person. Once you are done with your long journey, you know everything about the routes, the point of interests that one can explore on the way, the history and culture of the places discovered by you and much more. 

Australia is a phenomenal country if you want to experience fun-filled road trips as it has plenty of amazing destinations which can be discovered by traveling on a self-drive vehicle. For example, you can plan a self-drive road trip from Sydney to Melbourne and can discover a wide range striking point of interests. 

Hire a camper van in Sydney so that you can comfortably travel from this remarkable city of New South Wales to Melbourne. 

Here’s What You Can Explore While Traveling From Sydney- New South Wales’ Astonishing Capital To Melbourne.

Day One - Explore The Beaches & National Parks Near Wollongong

Start your road trip by driving south of Sydney and explore all the beautiful coastal places near the city of Wollongong. If you want to explore all the well-known tourist places effectively you can either stay overnight at Wollongong or can travel further and chose a beach town like Gerringong for relaxing in the night. Before you take rest in Wollongong and Gerringong in the night, don’t forget to discover the Royal National Park wherein you can go fishing, enjoy barbecues, and experience adventurous activities like hiking and birdwatching.

The Royal National Park itself has so many extraordinary attractions that you can easily spend the entire day there. If you are traveling in a campervan, you will reach Wollongong in approximately one and a half hour, that means if you are planning to stay overnight in this city you will have sufficient time to explore the attractions offered by it. Explore the stunning surfing beaches offered by the State of New South Wales which are located in between Sydney and Wollongong and enjoy water sports played out there. You can explore attractions like Lake Illawara, Wollongong Botanic Garden, and Mount Keira etc. 

Apart from that, you should also try to explore Wollongong’s beautiful suburbs like Dapto and Oak Flats. Apart from that, you should also explore the beauty of Kiama - a magnificent coastal town. This place is loved by travelers like anything for its stunning beaches which are generally surrounded by beautiful forests.

Day Two - Travel To Batemans Bay 

Located around 280 kilometers away from Sydney, Batemans Bay is one of the most striking coastal towns in the state of New South Wales. Batemans Bay is famous among tourists for its lovely climate which is characterized by mild winters and warm summers. The sea helps in moderating the climate of this beautiful town, which makes it one of the best tourist destinations in the country. Because of its soothing climate, tourists from cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra visit this place quite often. 

While traveling to Batemans Bay you can stop at the town of Nowra which is approximately 160 kilometers away from the capital of New South Wales. If you looking forward to exploring the buildings and houses belonging to Victorian era Nowra is the best place to fulfill your desire. It takes only 40 minutes to reach Nowra from Wollongong, wherein you can learn a whole lot of things about Aboriginal Australians. You must visit the Australian Fleet Air Arm Museum if you are interested in knowing about the naval history of Australia. In addition to that, you should also visit Shoalhaven Zoo to discover the amazing wildlife that the country offers. On top of that, if you are interested in hiking then you should visit Jervis Bay National Park. Beach lovers must not forget to explore the sandy beaches offered by this region. 

Batemans Bay is one of the best places to stay overnight, so once you reach there don’t think of traveling further on the same day. Instead of traveling further, you should enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Day Three - Travel To Eden 

Once you wake up in the morning in Batemans Bay have your breakfast properly and then continue with your journey. The next beautiful town for your overnight stay is Eden, so make it sure to start your journey right after you finish your breakfast so that you can explore a number of beautiful places on the way before you reach your destination.

The distance between Batemans Bay and the town of Eden is approximately 198 kilometers which can be covered by you in nearly 2 hours 30 minutes. While traveling from Batemans Bay to Eden you must not forget to explore a village called Narooma, which is well-known for the gold rush and clear blue waters. It’s one of the best destination for fishing and discovering marine life. 

Day Four - Travel To The Town Of Bairnsdale

The next place wherein you can think of staying overnight is Bairnsdale, which is a beautiful town. This stunning town is located at a distance of 278 kilometers from Eden, therefore it will take approximately five to six hours for you to reach there, provided the fact that you drive at a very normal speed. You will surely enjoy the million dollar views that you come across on the way. After completing your journey, you must visit all the beautiful attractions offered by Bairnsdale and then have a peaceful sleep in the night. 

Day Five - Travel To Melbourne 

The city of Melbourne is nearly 280 kilometers away from the town of Bairnsdale, therefore you can easily cover this distance in around 3 and half hours. The journey from Bairnsdale to Melbourne can prove to be one of the best experiences you can ever have, as you will discover amazing attractions on your way. Once you reach Melbourne, explore its stunning architecture, prenominal museums, striking zoos, and incredible beaches. 

Once you complete your five-day road trip successfully, you will realize that you have learned a lot about the destinations you have traveled to.

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