14 Oct

Campervan Hire Hobart: Remarkable Places to Visit in Hobart Road Trip

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the place where you are going to stay and planning to visit the place. Australia is also one of the places where you will find a lot of places to visit if you are a nature and travel lover. When it comes to opting for a good classic road trip, no one can beat a campervan trip. However, there is no thrilling way to experience the journey rather than taking a Campervan Rental Hobart.

As you all know, Australia’s most southerly city, Hobart is situated at the foot of Kunnayi known as Mountain Wellington along the estuary of the Derwent River - a beautiful scenic setting, which gives you the best journey experience. 

As Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, full of rich cultural heritage and embraced history, travel lovers would like to visit such places which contain a vibrant history with handsome convict-built architecture, amazing museums and galleries will fascinate you with the city’s top tourist attractions.

Hobart is the place that makes you enjoy a rich seafaring tradition. Sailing is still a popular pastime, and this city is also famous for its exotic summertime Sydney to Hobart Yacht race. Whether it would be visitors, local community and year-round travelers, there is a lot to see and explore around in Hobart Road Trip.

We, in this expert guide, will drive value to your journey by telling you each and everything about the places to explore in Hobart.

Mount Wellington

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1. Scenic Location from the Summit of Kunanyi/ Mount Wellington

It is a place in Hobart, which is often covered with cloud dust even in summers, the height of Mountain Wellington is 1270 meter. undulates to the west of Hobart like a slumbering giant, hinting at the rugged wilderness that lies before this cultured capital. After taking a campervan trip from narrow 21 km. mountain, you will reach the Subalpine Scenery through a temperature rain forest. At the Pinnacle, you will enjoy breathtaking views and take the advantages of fascinating sceneries over the city, sea, stunning road rides and globally renowned heritage. Organ Pipes - known as a striking feature of the Wellington Mountain, is famous for its dolerite columns and rock-climbing venue.

2. Salamanca Place & Market

Salamanca Place and Market were built in 1835 and finally re-organized in 1860 on Sullivan’s Cove. These heritage and sandstone buildings in Salamanca place contain their own historical charm. Salamanca Market is also a center of attraction among people for its fascinating old-age structure as a commercial hub. Hiring a campervan will help you to roam around Battery Point - which is famous for cafes, restaurants, antique showrooms and old Georgian warehouses. Local campervan knows all about the most popular attractions in Salamanca Places, where Salamanca Markets keeps its own incredible position. Being a true traveler, you will find approx. 300 vendors handling handcrafted woodwork, jewelry, glassware and vegetables, etc and you will never want to miss it.

3. MONA - The Museum of Old Arts

MONA is famous for its ultimate & exceptional collections of Art, Antique statues, and different historical and modern valuables. Opened in 2011, this museum is popular for its mixed art collection and antiques as well as a proactive modern collection of technology. These antiques and modern valuables are housed underground and offer interactive evaluations about these collections through touch screen portable devices. 

You will also find multiple facilities here as a chic restaurant, entertainment venues, a library cinema and contemporary accommodations. The most enjoyable way to access the museum is aboard a high-speed ferry from Hobart’s waterfront; the 30-minute cruise up the Derwent river will take you to the right museum’s steps. 


While exploring the different places in Hobart, you will learn about the glory and noble history of the World’s popular sites of Hobart. Hiring a campervan for the Hobart road trip will help you experience fascinating scenes and chances to soak up the surrounding natural beauty. There are a lot of more to visit. Campervan hire Hobart services will help you to explore these all ultimate places in a very affordable price range and with exceptional facilities. So, what are you looking for? Contact Campervan rental professionals and service providers for more info.

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