23 Jun

Alice Spring - It’s Home To Quirky Wildlife & Exciting Outback Areas

If you haven’t traveled to Alice Spring so far, which is generally regarded as the capital of Australian outback and home to amazing wildlife, that means you are yet to experience the best attractions offered by the country. Located in Northern Territory of Australia and surrounded by beautiful red desert, Alice Spring is undoubtedly one of the most popular and stunning outback towns in the country.

It lies at a distance of approximately 1500 km from some of the most prominent Australian cities and it’s certainly one of the best places for all types of local and international travelers when it comes to spending some quality time in outback areas. Being in Alice Spring you can easily head out for a 4WD experience and travel all the exciting areas surrounding this lovely town.

Whether you believe it or not but this town truly boasts a legendary status, considering the fact that it is situated in the center of the country. One of the most spellbinding things about Alice Spring is that you will find here the traces of both European and Aboriginal history. Alice Spring is a bustling cosmopolitan town wherein you can explore its rich art, culture, and cuisines etc.

Things That You Can Enjoy in Alice Spring Include -

Take An Aerial Tour Of The Town And The Surrounding Area

Considering the fact that Alice Springs sits on red sand it is worth taking an aerial tour of this town and the outback region surrounded by it. If you opt for Helicopter tours you can explore all the major attractions such as Kings Canyon, West MacDonnell Ranges, and Uluru etc. Helicopter tours are really adventurous and carrying out them during your holidays is even more exciting.

Explore The Town On Foot

Alice Springs is a kind of town which can be explored by the tourists on foot, considering the fact that the flat terrain of this town makes the walking easy and enjoyable. You can talk a walk to the Telegraph Station, which remains popular for its historical importance. You can also take a walk to the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens which is home to approximately 200 plus plant species. In addition to that, you can also discover a variety of local animals western bowerbirds and wallaby.

Enjoy the Camel rides

As far as Alice Springs is concerned, camel rides are quite popular among local people and tourists here. Camel rides are one of the best ways to get extraordinary views of the desert. If you are falling short of time, you can also opt for a sunset tour which may take just an hour or so, but it is still enjoyable.

Explore the Reptile Centre

If you love exploring wildlife, then you must visit the Reptile Centre in Alice Spring and observe some of the deadly creatures on this planet closely. If you travel to this place apart from seeing death adders, brown snakes, and taipans etc., you can also explore quirky lizards, thorny dragon, and goannas. However, when you visit this place make sure that you make the required distance from these deadly reptiles otherwise you may get into trouble.

The Larapinta Trail - Enjoy the hike

Ever thought of challenging yourself to take a walk on one of the most difficult walking trails in the entire world? If your answer is no, you must try it while spending your holidays in the Alice Springs. However, if you are unable to convince yourself to hit The Larapinta Trail ( the most demanding walking trail all over the world) you can easily opt for other options like 10-kilometre trek that begins from Ormiston Gorge and runs all the way to Finke River. You won’t need more than a day to complete this walking trail.

Hence, whenever you visit Alice Springs don’t forget to visit the above-mentioned attractions if you really want to get the most out of your trip.

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