20 Oct

A Campervan is Incomplete with a Few Basic Items

In this present day of rat race, every human being follows a routine to earn and survive. Eventually the life becomes monotonous and stressful giving birth to psychological problems, heart diseases, hypertension, etc.

Sometimes you need leave all these obsessions of proving yourself the best behind and break out from the shackles of monotony to enjoy a change. The best way to enjoy a change is to take a vacation. Campervan Rental Adelaide facilitates you with the top class amenities and your trip to Adelaide will become a memorable one.


If you are an enthusiast of adventure and thrill, you can always go for a trip to an unknown place with your companion or family. A sudden visit to an unknown place with upcoming surprises will bring a lot of new colors in your life. The break free will provide rest to your tired mind, body and soul, improve your creativity, help you bond with your family or companion. It is an ultimate stress buster. The fun increases manifold when there are less strings attached like finding an accommodation, preparing food, carrying luggage, etc. The best solution to these problems is a campervan. You can know more about it in details from the Internet.

Campervan is a transport vehicle with sleeping accommodation. Sometimes it is also called as motor home. Campervans are equipped with a small kitchen, a refrigerator, two burner gas hobs and grill. The refrigerator is powered by gas, battery or mains electricity. The larger models also include water heater, air conditioning, portable toilet and even an internal shower.

The smaller versions sometimes contain a portable toilet and external shower system. If you want a hassle free thrilling trip away from the hustle and bustle, you have to have one of these beautiful machines. 

campervan basic items

If you are planning for a getaway by hiring from Campervan Rental Adelaide for a change, you must ponder on certain points for a smooth and serene unhindered experience.

  1. Camping water purifier.
  2. Simple cutlery set, plates cups and glasses, couple of pots and pans
  3. Toilet paper, napkins, paper towels
  4. Liquid soap, hand sanitizer and dish washing soap
  5. Campa potti or portable camp toilet, biodegradable waste dissolving liquid
  6. Sleeping bag, small pillows and blanket
  7. Hanging line for clothes
  8. Candles and lighter
  9. Propane camping lights and set of propane cartridges and membranes for emergency light source
  10. Indispensable silver tape
  11. Multi-tasking tools like Swiss knife with bottle opener and can openers
  12. Flash light and stout gloves
  13. Camper levelers which will help you to level your camper. Anti-skid pads to get out of pits of mud or sand.
  14. Shovel and small axe
  15. Tow rope might be required
  16. Propane gas for emergency
  17. Electrical cables if necessary

There is enough storage room inside the campervan so do not worry about the list. The next list is all about the navigation and documentation.

  1. Personal and vehicle insurance must be carried all the time. It will be very helpful if you carry these documents with you in case of any medical treatment and legal issues
  2. Global positioning system (GPS) devices are very handy in these cases. A good road map, atlas also serves the purpose to give a broader picture.
  3. Travel and guide books are also mandatory if you are visiting a new place and will help you to find the b4est spots to visit and manage resources to cover the whole plan.
  4. If you want to kill time in an old fashioned way, carry couple of your favorite books to keep yourself busy

The next list refers to the hygiene and medication necessities.

  1. It is best to start with the small most important necessities. Pack your wash bags first.
  2. Supplemental vitamins, digestive problem precautions and medicine for personal health issues (if any) are next.

Food and beverages are the best part of the camping. If you want to cook, prefer cooking in the open, keeping in mind that it may attract wild animals from the forest. You should keep a stock of long lasting food before you stock for vegetables and fruits. 

You can carry camper chairs, camping table to dine or rest outside. This is so far the camping checklist you must follow for a serene experience out there. This checklist will surely make your Campervan Rental a complete one.

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