09 Dec

8 Cultural & Sporting Summer Events To Explore in Queensland

Enthusiastic people always find sufficient reasons to enjoy their lives. They do not have to wait for a particular time to add fun and colour to their lives to make it more interesting. Life is way too beautiful than some of us think, and the only way to figure out its hidden treasures it to make an effort to enjoy every moment. When you need a reason to become happy in life, it means you are missing to understand the very essence of life.

For example, if you are a lively person, you will even think that you should kick-start a new season with a lot of fun and excitement. So, if you want to enter the category of those people who are always ready to enjoy even the smallest things in life, start welcoming the summer season with a perfect smile. Make plans that can enrich your life like anything. There are several things that you can enjoy with your family and friends at home and even outside. Plan interesting get-together, dinner parties, and explore new places to bring that ultimate smile on the faces of your spouse and children.

Enjoy cultural and sporting events with your loved ones to add more fun to your life and to break the monotony. This summer try to do something for your loved ones that you have never done before to make them happy.

You can think about exploring Queensland with your loved ones by hiring a campervan from Aussie Campervans. Go on a road trip and explore the astonishing places along with way. Book a nice campsite and experience how it feels spending long hours with your family members on the roads. Road trips make it possible for you to enjoy a whole lot of things, which you can’t experience otherwise. For example, you can hit the roads as long as you want, and then break your journey in a wonderful place so that you can take some rest. It gives a perfect opportunity to you, to spend quality time with your loved ones under the starry sky. In addition to that, you can wake up to the chirping of birds.

If you are ready to explore Queensland this summer, here are some of the interesting sporting and cultural events that you can get busy with.

1. The Woodford Folk Festival

Are you someone who loves exploring new cuisines and fantastic wines, then you must explore The Woodford Folk Festival - a cultural event that takes place in a beautiful town called Woodford. It’s an annual food and music festival that runs for a week. This year The Woodford Folk Festival will start from 27th December 2017 and will get over on 1st January 2018. You can have delicious food prepared by some of the best chefs in the world and can listen to the music produced by some of the best artists. What really sets this event apart from the rest of the events are the prayers for World peace. You will find some of the most famous spiritual leaders offering prayers for world peace.

2. The Queensland Ballet At Queensland Performing Arts Centre

If you are someone who loves stage performances, then you must visit Queensland Performing Arts Centre between 8th to 16th December, as The Nutcracker will be performed over there. It feels great to see the artists giving their best on the stage. Considering the fact that, it is produced to enhance the Christmas spirit among the people, you will surely enjoy every bit of it.

3. Brisbane International

All the tennis lovers across the world must try to explore the Brisbane International which is starting 31st December 2017. This week-long event will give you an opportunity to see iconic tennis players like Andy Murray ( who is returning to the city after approximately 7 years) and Rafael Nadal. This is one of its kind event which gives a chance to sports lover to have ultimate fun while seeing their best tennis players battling each other to win their titles.

4. The Magic Millions January Carnival

Are looking forward to finding a reason for exploring Gold Coast? If your answer is yes, then the Magic Millions January Carnival is the perfect reason to visit this lovely place. The Carnival that runs for approximately 12 days, will allow you spend some interesting moments while enjoying food, wine and events such as Pacific Fair Magic Millions Polo. The event will kick start on 5th December 2017 and will continue to entertain the audience until  16th January 2018.

5. The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

If you are looking forward to spending some amazing moments on a beautiful beach this summer, then do try to explore the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race that will be held in the Whitsundays from  13th to 30th January 2018. Airlie beach will remain the centre of the activity, and you can discover 12 beautiful racing Yacht over there. The enthusiasm of the crew will definitely inspire you to live a more lively life.

6. Burleigh Pro

Burleigh Heads is one of the most beautiful places in Queensland and you must visit it this summer when it plays host to a four-day long surfing event called Burleigh Pro. The event will take place between  25th-28th January 2018. It is the event wherein you can see how some of the best surfers in the world give tough competition to each other each other to get an entry to the World Surf League (WSL).

Burleigh Heads is popular for its beautiful pine trees and outstanding surf breaks.

7. E&E Waste Hell of the West Triathlon

Another interesting summer event in Queensland is E&E Waste Hell of the West Triathlon, which will take place on  4th February 2018 in a town called Goondiwindi in Queensland. E&E Waste Hell of the West Triathlon is nothing but a race that is enjoyed by triathlon enthusiasts and professional triathletes. In addition to that, it also enjoyed by amateur triathletes.

8. Agnes Blues, Roots and Rock Festival

Want to enjoy the live performances of the some of the most inspiring and enthusiastic artists? +Then head straight to Agnes Water in Gladstone Area to enjoy Agnes Blues, Roots and Rock Festival, which will take place from 16th-18th February 2018. This three-day long event will give a unique experience to you as it's a perfect way to rejuvenate yourself.

So, explore these events and live the life to the fullest.

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