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7 Striking Spring Festivals Of Australia

In Australia, Spring, which lasts from September to November remains one of the most interesting seasons of the year, as the country plays a host to a large number of festivals such as music, sporting and cultural festivals each year during this time, which are attending by a wide range of people. Both September and October remain jam-packed with vibrant festivals which fill your life with enormous fun and excitement. Read more about "Why autumn and spring remain the best seasons to explore Australia".

Spring is that time of the year wherein you experience some of the best weather conditions in Australia, and that is what makes this season a perfect time to host these lively festivals and explore them. This is also the best time to explore Australian landscapes, so you can hire a campervan from Aussie Campervans and drive yourself to those perfect beaches and islands.

Here’re The Most Interesting & Dazzling Spring Festivals Of Australia

1. Brisbane Festival 2016

Held in the year 1996 for the first time, the Brisbane Festival is nothing but an international arts festival that is celebrated in the city of Brisbane in the month of September. The 21-days long festival, which is celebrated at multiple locations lasts from 3rd September to 24th September.

More than one million people attend this highly captivating festival each year, which allow the crowd to explore opera, contemporary as well as classical music, comedy shows, circus, theater, and dance etc. Hence, if you happen to be in Brisbane in the first three weeks of September, do explore the Brisbane Festival to get the real charm of the city. 

2. Defqon.1 Festival 2016

Started way back in 2009, Defqon.1 Festival is a lovely music festival that is celebrated in Australia each year in mid-September. The festival which is attended by a wide range of people is hosted by the City of Sydney, New South Wales. Organized by ‘Q-dance’the festival focuses on exhibiting electronic music, hard trance, hardstyle and hard dance etc.

Apart from Australia, this festival is also celebrated in countries like Netherlands and Chile. 

So, if you are a music lover you must attend Defqon.1 Festival, which will be held on 17th September 2016, in Sydney.

3. Radical Reels Tour 2016

The Radical Reels Tour is a well-known travelling film festival that is popular for screening highly interesting action sports movies. The event rocks the City of Brisbane in the month of September and provides high-level of entertainment to viewers. 

The venue for the Radical Reels Tour 2016 is Powerhouse Theatre in Brisbane, and the 4 day long event will kick start on 27th September 2016. 

Apart from Brisbane the Radical Reels Tour is held in different cities in Australia, such as Melbourne, Darwin, Sydney. 

4. Critical Animals 2016

Creative Animals is nothing but a research symposium that is organized each year in Newcastle, Australia. The symposium which is held from 29 September to 2 October, is an absolutely important part of ‘This Is Not Art festival, an annual national festival that deals with new media and arts. It’s a kind of festival wherein thinkers, writers, artists, researchers and students come together to promote new media and creative art practices.

5. Melbourne Festival 2016

Melbourne Festival, which runs annually for 17 days in the month of October is an incredible cultural festival that displays visual arts, theater, music, dance, and circus etc. The event takes place in a number of different locations in the City of Melbourne. This is a kind of cultural festival wherein well-known performers and artists from across the world take part in creative activities in order to entertain the crowd. 

If you are in Melbourne in the first three weeks of October, then you must attend this festival, which will take place from Oct 6-23, 2016. 

6. Bright Spring Festival 2016

The Bright Spring Festival, which takes place in Victoria each year starting mid-October is nothing but a flower festival. The festival starts from October 15, and runs until 1st November in the town of Bright, wherein you get to see different types of beautiful flowers. 

The event has been taking place in this Victorian town for more than 25 years now, wherein a wide range of people come to admire the beauty of its gardens each year. 

7. Renmark Rose Festival 2016

Held from 14-23 October each year in the town of Renmark, South Australia, the Renmark Rose Festival is one of the most interesting flower festivals in the country. The festival has been running in the town of Renmark for the last 22-years now and it is attended by a large number of people without fail.

Apart from the above-mentioned festivals there are many more events which are celebrated by in Australia in Spring.

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