25 Nov

7 Reasons You Will Love Wilson’s Promontory Road Trip

Your trip to Melbourne is incomplete without experiencing all this road trip has on offer. Popularly known as ‘The Prom’ amongst the locals, Wilson’s Promontory road trip is certainly not as famous as the quintessential Great Ocean Road or Mornington’s classy-looking towns, yet, it is a perfect choice for travel enthusiasts looking for a gateway a bit below the radar.

Here are the 7 interesting reasons why Wilson’s Promontory 4 wheel drive road trip is worth exploring.

Incredible Nature’s beauty in abundance

Wilson’s Prom thrives on some of the most aqua-clear shorelines and beaches of Victoria. The place is located on the southernmost tail of the state and has water at its three sides. The major attractions of the place is its pristine waters, calming beauty of lush green rainforests, soft dunes and versatility of beaches.

Nature’s beauty in abundance

Relaxing and Relaxing

Are you a party person and fond on late night parties in beachfront bars? You may not find this all at Wilson’s Prom. The alluring element of the Prom is its natural marvels offering you a facility to enjoy a wide pool of outdoor activities including snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, surfing, hiking, bushwalking, camping or simply soaking up the sunshine. 

Camping is the hottest to-do thing at the Prom, particularly if you are arriving between December and February. The campsites are crammed full of people and their tents during summer days, so it is easy to see how popular the place is. It is recommended to book your campervan in Melbourne at least a week before your arrival and swim into the pure freshness of the place upon arrival.

Squeaky Beach

Upon arrival, you will see that the sand compose circular grains of quartz and it squeaks when you walk or jump on it. It seems like a best place for picnicking with its close proximity to the shore and a maze of rock formations.

Tidal River

It makes the perfect camping area with all facilities and amenities including dedicated picnic areas, free gas barbecues and playground. You will also find a small general store offering bread, milk, ice and a number of other items. Have hot or cold food at a nearby café.

Norman Beach

The beach covers a huge area and offers breathtaking views. It is a perfect spot for swimming and boogie boarding lovers. The place also offers magnificent views of Mount Oberon. Adventure travelers can climb the hills for a bushwalking tour through eucalypt forests and heathland.

Picnic Bay

Just a short drive away from Tidal River, Picnic Bay is a great stop-over destination before you drive back to Melbourne. The bay has wonderful rock formations at both sides and a one-of-a-kind rock pool. 

Quick access to Campsites 

Campervan drives are quite popular amongst locals and international travelers arriving to Wilson’s Prom. You will find a large number of campervan stacked with tents, canoes and the kitchen sink. You campervan rental Melbourne company shall provide you with the location details of caravan parks, country houses and beach houses, if living in tent is not your scene. 

Happy holidaying folks!

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