22 Aug

7 Captivating Things That Everyone Loves To Do In Perth

Perth is a tremendously modern and sparkling city that has experienced amazing infrastructural developments in the last couple of decades, and perhaps that’s the reason people from other parts of Australia love this city like anything. However, it’s extremely important for people, who live in an advanced city like Perth to take an exciting break from their fast-paced and competitive city life in order to reconnect with their loved ones including both family and friends.

There are several things that you can do in Perth to break your dull and monotonous routine which is all about work. People who love making their life more colorful and interesting make the best use of Motorhome in Perth and take their families to adventurous destinations in and around Perth.

Here’s Is What Normally People Do In Perth

1. Shopping

Perth is home to some of the most sophisticated malls and high-end shopping centers which make it one of the best shopping destinations all over Australia. In other words, the kind of shopping options this beautiful city offers you will hardly find anywhere else in the country. 

It’s a great place to buy amazing souvenirs, aboriginal art, stunning antiques, and stylish or trendy clothes. So, if in case you are not from Perth but have come to this place on a business trip or vacation, don’t forget to buy lovely souvenirs and aboriginal art to gift your loved ones and friends. 

Some of the best shopping malls in Perth include Westfield Carousel, Garden City, Westfield Whitford City, Karrinyup Shopping Centre, Centro Galleria and Claremont Quarter etc. No matter what you want to buy, you get every possible thing in these malls. 

2. Enjoy Perth’s Food 

Apart from boasting some of the top-notch malls in the country, Perth is also home to sumptuous restaurants, elegant bars, and extraordinary seafood eateries. If you are really looking forward to satisfying your taste buds, Perth will never disappoint you. Enjoying steaming hot seafood with your favorite beverage at a river facing restaurant offers you that ultimate dining experience.

3. Explore Wineries Near Perth 

Exploring world-class wineries is another interesting thing that you can go for while you are in Perth. People from Perth love to explore wineries during weekends as they are located a little far away from the city. Three hours’ drive from Perth, Margaret River wineries remains one of the best places to taste world-class wines. If you are with your entire family, drive yourself in a motorhome to Margaret River wine region and relish the best wines. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Semillon are some of the most popular wines produced by Margaret River wineries.

In addition to that, other regions wherein you can explore stunning wineries include Swan Valley and Darling Range.

4. Explore Wildlife 

Considering the fact that Australia is very famous for its wildlife, you can explore a range of wildlife parks near Perth. If you want a detailed list of parks you can approach Department of Parks and Wildlife. Located at Byford, close to Perth, Cohunu Koala Park is an amazing place to discover koalas, wallabies, wombats, kangaroos, echidnas, and dingoes etc. 

Apart from that, you can also visit Armadale Reptile & Wildlife Centre, and Caversham Wildlife Park etc., to discover unique animals and reptiles. 

5. Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Located near Swan River, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Perth. You can explore stunning parklands, amazing botanic garden, and remarkable bushland if you visit this place. To access this place you don’t even have to travel more just because it is situated in the heart of the city. 

6. Explore Best Walking Trails 

If you want to discover some of the amazing places near this city on foot, you can explore its amazing walking trails. The Ghost House Walk Trail in Yanchep National Park, walk trails on Rottnest Island, and walk trails in Botanic Garden are some of the most famous trails in Perth.

7. Discover Amusement Parks 

Perth is home to a wide range of amusement parks, which remain famous destinations for family outings. Adventure World, Trees Adventure, Xscape at the City, Scitech, and Perth Wake Park are among the top amusement parks in Perth.

Hence, if your wife and children or friends are insisting you to do something interesting, you can take them to one of the above-mentioned destinations and spend some quality moments with them.

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