01 May

6 Spellbinding Things To Do In Australia In Autumn

As far as Australia is concerned, Autumn is believed to be one of the best seasons to explore the country and its remarkable diversity. If you are visiting Australia during Autumn season which starts from March and goes up to May, you will always find a number of interesting activities to do here.

Australia is a very large country with six beautiful states which include Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania, and the good thing is that all of these states offer something new and unique to visitors.

You always have an opportunity to hire a campervan or rent a 4x4 campers and then explore Australian rivers, beaches, national parks, outback areas, vast roads, unique architecture, delicious food, classic wines & wineries, and much more.

Interesting activities to carry out in Australia-

1. Enjoy the beauty of iconic Yarra Valley

Enjoy the beauty of iconic Yarra Valley

If you are one among those people who love exploring everything associated with wines, you must visit Yarra Valley in Victoria which plays a host to approximately 80 wineries. The wineries found in this region range from small to large estates which eventually help in producing some of the finest wines in Australia, hence, you must not miss discovering this place. What you must remember about Yarra Valley is, this place gets the credit for producing Pinot Noir- one of the best wines in the world. In addition to that, the region is also famous for producing wines found in the cool climate.

Apart from that Yarra Valley is also well-known in Australia for producing organic fruits and vegetable.

2. Explore the Brisbane River

Explore the Brisbane River

The Brisbane river, which passes through the city of Brisbane, remains one of the best destinations for outdoor adventure both for solo travelers and for people traveling in a group either with their families or with friends. The Story Bridge offers an amazing view of the Brisbane city, so don’t miss to experience that whenever you get an opportunity to visit this city. In addition to that, you can also enjoy the bike ride as far as walkways of Brisbane river are concerned. And once you are tired, there are numerous riverside parks wherein you can take rest.

3. Do captivating activities in Orange, New South Wales

Do captivating activities in Orange, New South Wales

Orange is a beautiful city in the Australian state of New South Wales, which is approximately 254 kilometers away from its capital Sydney. The city offers a wide range restaurants wherein you can taste a variety of stunning dishes. In the month of April, the city hosts Orange F.O.O.D Week, wherein you can experience best of the best wines and tasty dishes.

You can also spend your time exploring Orange Botanical Gardens or else you can approach Mt Canobolas, for that perfect view of the city.

4. Don’t miss to visit the Clare Valley

Don’t miss to visit the Clare Valley

If you have that serious desire to discover one of the oldest wine producing regions in the country, then you must travel to the Clare Valley, a place which is approximately 100 kilometers from the Adelaide city in South Australia. The region is famous for producing Riesling wine which is well-known among people across the world. Apart from that, it is home to different varieties of grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Semillon etc.

5.Travel to Broome

Travel to Broome

If you are celebrating your holidays in Australia but haven’t paid a visit to Broome yet, make it sure that you do not forget to explore this lovely town. It is located in Kimberley region in Western Australia and it is home to breathtaking tourist attractions in the region. While in Broome, paying a visit to Chinatown remains a must-do activity for all the travelers, no matter where they come from. Go to Cable Beach and enjoy swimming, snorkeling etc. On top of that, don’t forget to enjoy the sunset view from the Cable Beach.

Make a visit to Dampier Peninsula on a self-drive campervan and figure out important things about Aboriginal communities.

6. Uncover the beautiful beaches and islands in Tasmania

Uncover the beautiful beaches and islands in Tasmania

Tasmania is another significant part of Australia, which offers mesmerizing beaches, alluring islands, huge national parks which are full of peculiar wildlife and a variety of other tourist attractions.

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