27 May

5 Things to Do in Hobart for those Bitten by the Travel Bug

Have you been bitten by the travel bug of recent? Why not explore the beautiful Hobart, which is the capital city of Tasmania? With the presence of Mount Wellington in its skyline and boasting of a number of travel-worthy destinations, the city is also a financial and administrative hub. I myself have frequented this lovely city and discovered it in its myriad hues. Here are some of the things to do that will surely make you fall in love with Hobart:

Go on a Trip to Cascade Brewery

Beer lover or not, a trip to Cascade Brewery is a must for all those of you visiting Hobart. More than 150 years of old, the brewery retains its old world charm with its marvellous architecture and delightful surroundings. A must-do activity is to try out Cascade Lager that is produced locally over here. Trust me, it will give you immense joys to visit them and go home with souvenirs and a lifetime of memories.

Hit the Beaches

The sandy shores of Hobart are not to be missed by any tourist. There are a number of beaches for you to explore. For instance, you can go to Carlton Beach, Clifton Beach, Cornelian Bay Beach, Long Beach and Margate beach. There are many activities for you to try out on these beaches, which can include shopping, BBQ, snorkeling, walking, swimming, water sports or simply lazing around and getting the best tan ever! All that you need to do is to plan your itinerary well.

Get Acquainted with Mt.Wellington

As mentioned earlier, Hobart has Mount Wellington that makes for some unsurpassed long drives. You can just take your car and embark on a ride with your family or friend and enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings. Along the way, you can visit The Wellington Park reserve and try out bushwalking, cycling and rock climbing. You can try out certain walking tracks such as Mountain River Trail or the Ringwood fire trail and witness nature at close quarters!

Chocoholics Ahoy

One of the most unique experiences that I had during my stay is the visit to Cadbury Visitors’ Centre. You get to see the manufacture of yummy chocolates in a wide range of flavors, shapes and sizes. If you have kids travelling with you, they will be immensely happy after going on this tour, which is no less than a dream come true for them! Need I even tell you that you can take loads of souvenirs?

Be a Partaker in Various Events

Hobart is the hub of many local and international events. Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race starts from Sydney on Boxing Day, which is a must-see if you travel around that time. Also essential is the Hobart Summer Festival, which is a food and wine festival that also occurs around the same time and continues till mid-January. You can taste all sorts of delicacies and satiate your taste buds like never before! Another tourist attraction is the annual Tulip Festival, which occurs in Spring.

Wrapping it up

These are just a few bits of my travel experiences, for which I especially opted for a Motorhome Rental in Hobart. Though these are just a fragment of my entire trip, I do hope that these aforementioned points have further inspired you to pack your bags for a quick getaway to the city that has so much diversity. I am sure that the Hobart has lots to offer to you if you plan your travel well in advance with your friends, family or just a backpacking trip for that matter! Bon Voyage!

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