16 May

5 Spectacular Destinations In Australia To Explore Autumn’s Charm

Do you have any idea, what is that makes Autumn so special and different from other seasons? Well, if at all you love Autumn, you must be knowing that it’s the colors of this season which differentiate it from the rest of the seasons. The colors of Autumn add a unique charm to the environment, wherein you feel like spending more of your time in outdoor activities so that you can admire the views around you.

During Autumn, it looks like the entire outdoor environment is painted with golden, red, yellow, orange, magenta and brown colors, which offers a very soothing and peaceful experience to people observing it.

Autumn arrives a little before winter when leaves of all the deciduous trees start changing their color from green to red, yellow, orange and brown etc., and that is because they are affected by a phenomenon called Autumn leaf color. Once the leaves of all the trees are effectively affected by Autumn leaf color, it provides a phenomenal vista.

Generally, such scenarios are experienced in the countries with cold climate (such as European countries), but the good thing is that you can also experience such vistas in a variety of places in Australia.

So, as a traveler, you must explore all these unique destinations in Australia, which give you the feeling as if you are in Europe.

Remarkable Destinations In Australia To Explore Autumn’s Beauty Everyone is aware that Australia is home to magnificent beaches and glorious islands, but hardly anyone knows that this splendid country also offers excellent destinations wherein you can discover the beauty of Autumn. Being an Australian you don’t have to travel all the way to Europe to explore such colorful natural environment, as there are many places in Australia itself which can offer you the same experience. You must arrange or hire a campervan in Sydney as well as locations and then go on discover these places.

1. Mount Field National Park In Tasmania

Mount Field National Park In Tasmania

Tasmania is a great place when it comes to discovering Autumn’s colors as it offers some of the most uncommon deciduous trees which are rarely found in other places. One of those is fagus, and it can be found only in Mount Field National Park and St Clair National Park. That means you can easily experience that picture perfect Autumn views in both these national parks, provided the fact that you discover them in the right time.

2. Blackwood River Valley

Blackwood River Valley

If you talk about discovering Autumn’s charm, Blackwood River Valley, which is located in Western Australia remains one of the most astounding places in the country. Blackwood River Valley plays host to glorious towns and extremely beautiful hills, which makes it tremendously picturesque. As you drive yourself towards Nannup, you will find extremely colorful deciduous trees and it looks like someone has internationally painted them in bright red, orange, and yellow colors. When you look at the views you cannot believe your eyes, and all you feel at that time is you should neve leave such a beautiful place.

3. Victoria’s High Country

Victoria’s High Country

Victoria’s High Country is not only famous among visitors for its rich and remarkable history, outstanding cuisines, and warm people etc., but it is equally popular for offering places with extraordinary natural views. Some of the most beautiful places in Victoria’s High Country include stunning villages like Yackandandah, Beechworth, and Bright. Victoria’s High Country is one of the most beautiful places wherein you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. All these villages look extraordinary during Autumn when the deciduous trees and local plants and shrubs hosted by them change their colors and get painted with a tinge of red, yellow, orange and gold.

4. Dandenong Ranges In Victoria

Dandenong Ranges In Victoria

Victoria is a highly crucial Australian state if you look at it as a tourist destination. This state has remarkable tourist attractions which help in attracting millions of visitors every year. If you drive yourself on a campervan for an hour from Melbourne, you will find stunning villages lying on top of Dandenong ranges, which are fully packed with beautiful gardens. In order to see Autumn colors, you need to drive yourself to the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens, which got its name from a Victorian merchant. You need to explore this garden fully, in order to have that awesome experience.

5. Bowral In The New South Wales

Bowral In The New South Wales

Another beautiful place to explore the colors of Autumn is Bowral in New South Wales. Bowral is not only famous for its history, which dates back to centuries but is equally important for its stunning landscape. Bowral is approximately a 90-minutes drive from the iconic city of Sydney. Bowral is home to countless deciduous trees, which offer picture perfect views in Autumn.

Note: All image credit goes to wikipedia.org.

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