10 Nov

5 Music Festivals in Australia You Don’t Want to Miss in 2018

Missed out on 2017’s Music Festivals? Fret not cause 2018 is here! To give you some heads up, we have 5 on the list that you may want to check out. 

1. Falls Festival 2017/18

Photo from: Music Feeds
The party animal in you can’t wait for 2018? We thought so! Happening in 4 beautiful coastal towns, featuring artists such as Flume, Fleet Foxes and Run the Jewels, the Falls Festival is where you want to be this summer!
Lorne: 28 – 31st December 2017 | Marion Bay: 29th – 31st Dec 2017
Byron Bay: 31st Dec 2017 – 2nd Jan 2018 | Fremantle: 6th – 7th Jan 2018

2. St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2018

Photo from: Lane Way Festival
From a series of weekly shows at a bar in Melbourne to a massive music festival now in 3 countries and 7 cities – St Jerome’s Laneway Festival has never failed to bring us some of the greatest acts of all time. Catch Alex Cameron, Amy Shark, Cable Ties and many more in a city near you.
Adelaide: 2nd Feb 2018 | Melbourne 3rd Feb 2018 | Sydney 4th Feb 2018 | Brisbane 10th Feb 2018 | Fremantle: 11th Feb 2018

3. Rainbow Serpent 2018

Photo from: fairfaxstatic
If you appreciate music, art and culture, this ingenious festival has to be on your bucket list! Experience an exotic sensory mix with music from world class artists, be inspired by the art, sculpture and world class décor and have fun in the crazy activities lined up – the Rainbow Serpent Festival will blow your mind away.

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