05 Aug

3 Perth Attractions That You Should Traverse With Campervan

Looking for a place to spend quality time with your friends, family, or colleague? If yes then Perth, the soothing capital of Australia and one of the largest cities will help you out in making your traverse more memorable. Whether you want to explore the material side or natural charm, this isolated city flourishes you with some unexpected destinations. 

If you’re a person who is fond of pleasant beaches, delicious food and some popular wine then we’re sure you will just fall in love with Perth’s exceptional beauty. Traversing Perth with a campervan gives you freedom, self-sufficiency and some unforgettable joy. No matter how bad your monotonous life at work could be or you’re dealing with unavoidable pressures of life, this sunniest city with rare wildlife and magnificent islands gives you inner peace by realizing all your life stresses. So, why to miss such a golden opportunity, get your Campervan Rental Perth and begin your memorable journey.

Campervan Hire Perth

The Perfect Time To Visit Perth

As they say - Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.

Perth perfectly fulfills all the criteria of the above quote. If you want to enjoy hot, dry summers and lenient winter then you can anytime travel this most sunshiny city. With glowing spring and sunny days, the destination is perfectly suitable during September, October, and November.

Whether you want to visit Rottnest Island, Perth CinefestOz Film Festival, or want to click some blooming pictures of wildflowers, visiting Perth in September, October, November and December month will give you the most ideal experience. While exploring this amazing place through campervan, you have no reason to stop, just keep exploring.

Here are 3 Perth attractions that you should explore with Campervan:

Yanchep National Park

Are you a soul who loves sending time between nature? If yes then Yanchep National Park contains something special to cherish your heart. It is located 51 Kilometer from Perth city and all it takes just 1 hour to reach the destination. Once you reach there, you will find a wide range of animals living their natural life proficiently. Through this incredible national park, you can explore a wide variety of wildlife animals such as quenda, kangaroo, wallaby, and a lot more.

The most significant time to visit this wonderful place is between December to February. During this time, the sun is at the top and you can easily spot animals walking under the fresh morning sunlight. If you’re fond of seeing kangaroos and koalas then morning time is perfect to watch them feeding in the lawn. So, why imagine this wonderful place when you can visit it in person, just hire your Campervan Rental Perth and make your dream come true.

Swan Valley

Just hold on, Swan valley has some incredible and broad range of activities for you to explore. It is located in the swan river and 25 minutes away from the Perth city center. This beautiful valley is overloaded with natural beauty and the greatest wineries. We’re sure you love the history of winemaking narrated by the families who owned the wineries. 

If you’re an explorer who wants to explore new things then this valley is the dream place for you with activities such as river tours, chocolate tasting activity, museums, art galleries, wildlife parks, wine tasting tours and a lot more - it sounds like a complete tour package. 

To live some magnificent moments with nature then September is the perfect time to visit Wanneroo Botanic Garden and witness some refreshing wildflowers. If photography is your cup of tea then you can click some incredible pictures here at Wanneroo Botanic Garden. So, get in your campervan and convert your journey into some unforgettable moments. 

Rottnest Island

We’re sure this holiday destination is going to win all your heart through its adventures and sports activities. If you’re a person who loves sports, cycling, diving then Rottnest Island located 19 Km from the Perth coastline is going to give you all the joy that you’re looking for. Some popular spots to explore on this island are Salmon Bay, Stark Bay and Strickland Bay, where you can sit and enjoy some peaceful waves on your feet.

By traversing clean beaches and broadly spread water, you can enjoy cycling and biking with your family and friends. Also, you can try snorkeling with proper guidance and collect some life long remembering experiences. Not only sports, but this place is also enhanced with rich wildlife and natural beauty, where you can see various rare animal species. So, Rottnest island is the ideal combination of sports, water activities, and wildlife beauty. If you want to explore something life remembering then get the campervan and visit this adventure island today.

Wrapping Up

Exploring Perth with campervan gives you all the joy, freedom and unforgettable experience of your life. Whether enjoying your meal on the go, gossips or cherishing the best moments of your life, campervan gives you an affordable trip to your dream place. Surrounded by a large number of wildlife centuries, art galleries, islands, and wildflowers, Perth is one of the most gorgeous cities. 

Still, confused about where to hire the best and reliable Campervan and Motorhome Hire in Australia? If yes then Aussie Campervan is here to offer you quality Campervan to give you some incredible experience. Contact us today.

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