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Brisbane to Uluru Road Trip Guide

If you are a Brisbane local who want to explore the most iconic natural wonder of central Australia, Uluru, which is also known as Ayers Rock, I recommend 4WD hire from Brisbane airport as the best option to reach the destination. The journey is bound to be one of the most amazing outback adventure road trips of your entire life. Such mesmerizing memories can’t be experienced while traveling in a flight. 

Uluru is the most visited Australian landmark found in the aboriginal red center territory of the country. For many, it has reached the status of one of the ‘top places to visit in Australia before die’. I have been to Ayers Rock for 6 times so far. I have went there with friends and on family holidays too. 

Althought 4WDs are recommended, you can also hire a motorhome or campervan from Aussie Campervans for your epic road trip!

Exploring a big part of Australian continent by 4WD hire from Brisbane

Amazing 4WD Road Trip From Brisbane to Uluru
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As I am personally an advocate of slow paced journey, I feel passionately for this amazing 4WD road trip from Brisbane to Uluru. Take ample time for this incredible road trip. I would suggest two routes for this road tripping holiday.

Travel Route 1: Brisbane>Mt Isa>Alice Springs>Uluru

Travel Route 2: Brisbane> Mt Isa> Darwin>Alice Springs> Uluru

Both itineraries will take minimum of 10-12 days and more depending on number of stops you make and travel pace. However, If you fly all the way to Uluru and don’t see sunset or sunrise at Ayres Rock, you are ripping yourself. In my personal opinion, 4WD hire in Brisbane is a perfect choice to experience all the thrills and chase the adrenaline rush within. 

If you are a traveler who often spends time doing your homework when it comes to travel, you will find many tips for a 4WD road trip from Brisbane to Uluru. You can also plan for a round trip with Brisbane as a base. Roads to Uluru are in excellent condition, which makes a campervan hire perfectly fine as well. Though long, it’s a fun and easy drive all along!

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Must-Dos on your 4WD adventure to Uluru

There are a few sights that is a must-see on your way to Uluru, such as: 

Palm Valley 

Also known as Australia’s Jurassic Park, this camping spot is definitely worth a stop to see the rock faces. These rock faces have fueled urban legends for decades! 

Redbank Gorge

You do not want to miss this! The scenery at Redbank Gorge is so breathtaking, it’s out of this world! Pack your swimming gear and take a cool dip in Redbank Gorge. 

Tnorala (Gosse Bluff)

Tnorala is accessible by 4WD and is a 142.5 million year old comet impact site. Talk about wow! You will not be able to experience this elsewhere for sure. 

Rainbow Valley

At dawn or dusk, the sandstone bluffs and cliffs form rainbow-like rock bands that are a sight to behold. 

Erldunda Roadhouse

At Erldunda Roadhouse, you can say hi to emus and kangaroos! What is more outback than that? Grab a quick bite to eat here as well.

Why drive Uluru in 4WD hire

travel Uluru in 4WD hire
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Here I have presented some key reasons why driving from Brisbane to Uluru in a 4WD hire should make sense.

1. The ultimate freedom, fun and flexibility in the breathtaking outback of Australia.

2. You can go on driving on some short routes in your Brisbane 4WD Hire. There are a whole range of things to do in Brisbane if you ever decide to make a detour!

3. There are numerous things to do and see en route to Ayers Rock.

4. If you are coming via Alice Springs, the Stuarts Well, the Finke River and Mt Connor are some must-stop-by places. The landscapes along the road too are spectacular and there are several lakes and beaches in Brisbane for you to explore on your journey.

5. Probably there is no better way to feel how vast Australia is.

6. Unlike our misconceptions that outback is always dull, flat and dusty, during this 4WD road trip you will actually see an outback with lots of hills, mountains and trees. A really good example of a full and refreshing nature reserve is the Levuka Rainforest Brisbane where you will be able to explore it on your 4WD adventure as well.

7. You can design your travel itinerary on own, stop as and when you want, visit the places that are more of your dream holiday destinations. Don’t worry about stopping for a rest as there are several top camping spots in Brisbane to park for the night and get adequate rest.

Do you have your own experiences or a travel story to share? I’d love to know! If not, now's the good time to start by renting a campervan in Brisbane.

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