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Aussie Campervans and Car Rental's service is to provide an online facility where the customer/client can compare the multiple choices that are provided by reputable and well regarded campervan and Motorhome rental companies in Australia and New Zealand.

The customer/client can make an assessment of which vehicle best suits their requirements and budget. All vehicle specifications, images, lists of inclusions and terms and conditions are provided by the rental companies and may change at any time without notice. All vehicle information is presented in a simple and clear format that enables easy comparison.

Images are for illustration purposes only and may vary from the actual vehicle provided. As vehicles may be upgraded or changed at any time the images may not show all variations within a vehicle category.

This user agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the law of Victoria in the Commonwealth of Australia. The actions, claims, demands or suits arising out of this agreement shall be exclusively justifiable in the courts of the said state. Aussie Campervans and Car Rentals has the sole authority to vary or omit any of these terms.

Booking requests are only accepted on the condition that Our User Agreement and Terms and Conditions, and the Suppliers Terms and Conditions that apply to the relevant rental vehicle have been read and understood, and that you AGREE TO ACCEPT THEM.

We endeavours to keep the Terms and Conditions for the rental supply companies and specifications for their vehicles up to date but accepts no responsibility for changes made by supply companies that do not appear within this web site. Rental supply companies may also apply minimum rental terms during busy periods such as the summer peak season, Easter and school holidays and other busy periods.

Quotations and Bookings: All quotations and bookings are subject to availability of vehicle and are not guaranteed until the deposit is received and booking confirmed. Some quotations will have validity dates (refer Flex and Smart Rates) and if a deposit is not received by that expiry date then the quotation will automatically cancel without notification to you.

To secure a booking, Aussie Campervans requires a completed Booking Form and payment details (credit card number, expiry date, name on card). All bookings are subject to availability of vehicle. A booking is valid from the date we confirms acceptance in writing. We reserves the right to decline any booking at their discretion.

Payments: All payments will not be processed until the vehicle is confirmed as available.

1) If your rental pick-up date is within 34 days from the time of booking, we require full payment of the total daily rental charge (standard or inclusive).
2) If your rental pick-up date is 35 days or more from the time of booking, we require a deposit of 15% (minimum $350.00), with the balance of the total daily rental charge payable 34 days prior to pick-up. We will send a reminder email when the balance is due.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex.  A non-refundable 2% admin and credit card recovery fee applies to all credit and debit card transactions.

A Rental Voucher will be emailed to you. Please check that all details are correct. The rental voucher is only valid when the final balance has been processed.

Final payment conditions for certain products may vary and we will advise you in writing of these conditions at the time of quotation. In the case of non-payment of the balance by the due date, Aussie Campervans and Car Rentals will treat the booking as cancelled unless the customer/client communicates to the contrary.

Prices: All prices will be quoted in Australian Dollars for Australian Rentals and New Zealand Dollars for New Zealand Rentals. Please use a currency converter to check the cost. All prices include Australia Goods and Services Tax of 10% and New Zealand Goods and Services Tax of 15%.

Campervans and motorhome rentals are based on calendars days. This means that the days of pick-up and drop-off are counted as a day of rental each, regardless of actual pick-up and drop-off times.

Booking Cancellations

Cancellations: Must be made via email. No cancellation will be accepted unless received in writing and received by us directly from you. The date that we receive the cancellation notice is the date that it is deemed cancelled.

Refunds will not be made for bookings cancelled due to inclement weather. We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance, including cancellation insurance.

Booking Amendments:

Customers can request to make changes towards their booking (change of vehicle/ location/ travel dates).

- Amendments can only be requested by sending an email to [email protected]

- Amendments are subject to vehicle availability.

- Any changes made to a booking will be calculated by using the higher one of two rates, either the original rate or the rate current at the time of booking amendment.

- The original pick-up date will be used to calculate the cancellation fees should the booking be cancelled.

- Voluntary downgrade: should a customer choose to downgrade to a vehicle of a lower class voluntarily, the original rate will be applicable and there will be no reduction in rates.

Booking Amendment Fee: The first change/amendment is at no charge. The second and subsequent changes are at AU$75 per aspect, per change.

*A $100.00 booking amendment fee is applicable for all Let's Go Motorhome rentals


Problems: In the event that a customer/client has a complaint about any of the travel arrangements, they must advise the relevant supplier at the time and inform us in writing. This will assist settlement of any grievance or complaint.

Any dispute over the quality, fitness and condition of the product is between the customer/client and the product supplier and as such, We cannot be held liable for any problem with the product supplied.

We accepts no liability for personal injuries and losses.

It is the customer/client's responsibility to choose a trip within their capabilities.

Other Conditions: Aussie Campervans as operator or agent finalises all arrangements for these products on the express condition that it shall not be held liable for any injury, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of any defect in any vehicle, vessel or equipment or by Acts of God or through the acts of default of any company or person engaged in conveying the passengers or in carrying out our arrangements of the tours or otherwise in connection herewith. We reserves the right to change any of the facilities, services or prices described in the information provided.

We accepts no liability for any action or activity undertaken by the customer/client arranged independently or by us while on holiday. We shall not be liable to compensate customer/clients for associated expenses incurred as a result of their booking. No refund will be made for any unused services that are included in the price.

Rates and Conditions quoted in our brochures and/or documentation are subject to change without notice.

Please note that the car, campervan and motorhome rental companies reserve the right at their sole discretion to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions.

We strongly advise that you take out full travel insurance. Unforeseen circumstances that may require you to cancel travel plans can be very costly especially when the cancellation occurs shortly before commencement of a hire. In most cases this will incur a heavy penalty including total loss of the hire costs paid by you. Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance cover.

Once the hire commences
When the rental vehicle has been collected, and the rental agreement contract between the hirer and the rental supply company has been signed, the Terms and Conditions contained within that contract apply in full.

Any failure of a rental supply company to provide the vehicle they confirmed as being reserved is entirely the responsibility of that rental supply company. Every endeavour will be made by the rental supply company to provide an equivalent or better vehicle as set out in their Terms and Conditions and We accepts no responsibility for this or for any situation where a reserved vehicle is unavailable.

Disclaimer: Illustrations and text in any of our brochures/documentation/web page are representations only of the product depicted. Variances in actual products offered could occur due to modifications and/or upgrades to the product design.