15 Apr

5 Most Extraordinary Road Trip Routes in Australia

Have you ever been on a road trip in Australia? Well, if your answer is yes, then you must be knowing all the ups and downs of a road trip, however, those who have never experienced one, will not understand how it really feels to explore the unfamiliar places while remaining on roads 24/7. Road trips are unique experiences, which can bring tremendous changes in your life such as enhance your confidence and knowledge, improve the way you perceive the world, and make you understand the value of everything that you have in your life.

Every traveller has their own way of judging their trips, some may only consider its adventure side, while others may give more value to what they have learned from it. No matter how practical outlook you have on life when you learn something from your experiences it definitely adds more value to all the choices that you make it life.
So, if you are ready to explore the world in the true sense make sure that you embark on an adventurous road trip journey. Families mostly prefer campervan road trips because they offer enormous freedom and flexibility. You can cook on your own and can stay in any place as long as you want.

There are several interesting road trip routes in Australia, but we will be covering only the most famous ones.

So, here they are:

1. The Savannah Way

Are you ready to explore the most interesting and thrilling road trip route in Australia? If that’s true, then add The Savannah Way in your bucket list destinations. Connecting Queensland and Western Australia through towns like Cairns and Broome, and covering a bit of Northern Territory, this 3700-kilometres stretch is one of the most epic road trip routes in the country. This is the longest road trip route in Australia. So if you want to travel all the way from Cairns to Broome, you can’t compromise on time. Yes, you must have sufficient time to explore this beautiful route. There are tons of beautiful attractions to be explored on the way, and you can do that as per your convenience. You can explore the attractions that you like and leave the ones you are not interested in.
The most important thing about this route is that it consists of five extremely renowned World Heritage areas. In addition to that, you can also explore 15 stunning national parks that are home to amazing wildlife. Whether you talk about cattle stations, tropical rainforest or misty waterfalls, you can discover everything if you plan to explore this route on your upcoming road trip.
You can divide your road trip into small chunks, to improve your experience. If you keep your final destination in your mind, you won't be able to enjoy the journey. Make a list of all the beautiful attractions and plan your journey accordingly. And since this route largely consists of outback areas, you have to be prepared to handle all sorts of potential problems.

2. The Great Ocean Road

Stretching from Torquay to Allansford in Victoria, The Great Ocean Road is one of the most famous road trip routes in Australia. Located on the southern coast of Australia, this iconic 243 kilometres route gives you an opportunity to explore destinations like Explore Port Campbell National Park and the Twelve Apostles. Though it’s not a long route, it gives you one of the best road trip experiences of your life. It also encompasses sites like the Loch Ard Gorge and Island Archway. All you have to do, to explore this route is to hire a stunning 4WD, which is in perfect working order.

3. Perth to Ningaloo

If you are looking forward to exploring destinations like the Pinnacles Desert and Kalbarri National Park then you must discover Perth to Ningaloo in Western Australia. This 1200 kilometres road trip journey will improve your holiday experience like anything. You can discover tons of astonishing cities and towns such as Cervantes, Geraldton, and Exmouth. In addition to that, you can also enjoy the beauty of attractions like World Heritage Shark Bay, which keeps you busy like anything. 

4. Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast that connects New South Wales to Queensland is a great route to experience the natural beauty of Australia. If you have a perfect vehicle you can really have enormous fun while exploring places such as Central Coast and Newcastle. Besides, you can also explore destinations like Ballina and Byron Bay with your loved ones while travelling through this 900 kilometres route.
Whether you talk about astonishing national parks, beaches, or breathtakingly beautiful coastal towns, you can discover all the amazing things that you are dreaming of. While exploring this route, make sure that you take out some time to discover the Hunter Valley, which is famous for its iconic wines.

5. Great Alpine Road

Victoria is unquestionably one of the most stunning states in Australia. It’s known for its stunning mountains, and winding roads, which play a crucial role in enhancing your road trip experience. The Great Alpine Road is truly a treasure trove of natural beauty. You can discover interesting towns, crystal clear waterways, and beautiful valleys while travelling through this route.
Apart from the above-mentioned routes, you can also discover The Nullarbor in South Australia, Cairns to Cape York in Queensland, Tasmania’s East Coast and the Gibb River Road in Western Australia. All these routes have their own importance because they give different experiences.

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